Organizing and Preparing Your Home for a Newborn: A Partnership with The Container Store

Organizing and Preparing Your Home for a Newborn: A Partnership with The Container Store

I recently partnered with The Container Store and sharing all they had to offer to help me prepare our home for baby Clyde. From the nursery to the kitchen I’ve created space I never imagined I would have thanks to all the storage solutions at The Container Store! Read more to find out what I found, how it turned out, and direct links to all the products!

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How to Create A Gallery Wall: A Partnership with Framebridge

How to Create A Gallery Wall: A Partnership with Framebridge

There are so many ways to showcase your photos! For years I have wanted to create a gallery wall for our family memories and I was able to do just that through my partnership with Framebridge. Read more to see how Framebridge can help you create a unique space that will add some design flair to your home, and also show off those beautiful photos!

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How to Decorate for an Engagement Party

How to Decorate for an Engagement Party

Hi there! We were honored to host the engagement party of our friends, Brad and Amanda! I put together this post to show you what I did to decorate their gathering and inspire you for any upcoming events you may be hosting! Enjoy!

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Patio Living: Resort Vibes


Hi everyone!

I am so excited to finally reveal what I have been working on for a little while now! I revamped our outdoor living space and it turned out SO dreamy! Outdoor living spaces is such a HUGE thing for Kirk and I. We love entertaining and being outside with friends and family. We are definitely outdoor people!

It all started when I found some Lilly Pulitzer outdoor pillows on  a Tj Maxx run. The colors were just so fun that I was immediately inspired to start something fresh in the backyard. I wanted it to feel like a resort style escape. The umbrella that had been faded from the sun and beat down even got a coat of paint and some fancy tassels. Everything looks so good and the entire project didn't break the bank.

I have always loved black and white stripes. I took down our old curtain and sewed up some new ones with outdoor fabric I found at Hobby Lobby in the black and white stripes. Yes, I sewed them myself and it was NOT as hard as you may be thinking! I can do a post on how I did this if you want me to later. I also sewed up some longer curtains for the living space area of the patio to really make it feel cozier and more like a cabana. These go perfect with the Lilly P pillows. I accented the black and white throughout the yard by adding outdoor rugs from Target to the living space and near the lounge chairs as you exit and enter the pool. I also found some cute B&W striped lounge chair cushions from At Home for about $50 each. The poolside cushions are Tommy Bahama and I think these are the coolest! Sitting by the pool has never been so comfy. Found these at Homegoods for $40 each.

My lounge chairs each have alternating pillows; one palm leaf, the next a pink pineapple, and so on. I found these pillows at Homegoods for about $16 each. The umbrella was a project I decided to take on bravely. I googled how to revamp an outdoor umbrella because a) its 9 feet and huge (what a waste to throw away) b) 9 foot umbrellas are expensive brand new c) I was feeling crafty. I found a site that told me to spray Rustoleum Spray Paint (about 2 coats aka 6 cans). I got mine in Berry Pink. Turned out AMAZING and even better than that, the site I found this project said their umbrella has kept nice after doing this for the past 5 years! Works for me!! I added some fringe and a little white to dress it up and match my resort vibes. I will add some gold dots later.

We planted some fresh flowers in pots all around the area, grabbed some new outdoor lights for the landscaping, and placed new tiki torches all around (all of this we got from LOWES). My outdoor flamingos are from At Home. They add pops of pink and give that cute retro resort vibe I was going for. A very 60's 70's chic hotel that I have in my own backyard! You can recreate what I did in your own yard! Just check out some of the links I provided below for some similar finds!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Love, B



A Spring Setting


O.M.G you guys....


That was the longest drive ever... 10 hrs in the car (it was like 12 on our way to Branson because we stopped a lot) and 10 on the way back. It was just too long to be in the car with a 9 month old. Next time we are definitely flying! But, I will be going back because despite the crappy weather we had an absolute blast! Branson travel guide coming your way soon. It's good to be back home!

Well, Spring is in full swing and Easter has come and gone. There is just something so refreshing about Spring. It’s almost like this heavy blanket of winter comes off and you want to re-decorate your whole house! One of my favorite things to do in a new season is decorate. I love doing seasonal tablescapes year round, and for Spring I’m going green!

We didn’t get to fully enjoy our table for Easter, but I am leaving it just the way it is! Just because Easter is over doesn’t mean you need to put up all the decorative rabbits! I leave mine out during Spring and Summer. Rabbits are just too darn cute not to. They are a symbol of good luck, prosperity, fertility, and peace. Not only that, but a French country home isn’t country without all the animal décor. I have rabbits of concrete and green moss that will go with just about any décor in our house. I LOVE them.

I found the garland at Hobby Lobby as well as my galvanized cake stand. I usually wait for florals and garlands to go on sale before buying from Hobby Lobby because they can get pricy sometimes, but I just couldn’t wait. This garland is green and budding with Spring vibes. My concrete rabbits are from Tj Maxx and my green mossy ones are from both Hobby Lobby and Homegoods (I’ve found them at both). They range anywhere from 5.99 each to 12.99 (my bigger rabbit centerpiece). You can probably find these on sale now that Easter is over because everyone seems to think rabbits are just for Easter décor…. That’s ok, MORE FOR YOU AND ME! I’d head to Homegoods to check it out!

I also found my cabbage plates at Homegoods along with the faux carrots. The plates were about 6 bucks each, so when I found the soup container, platter, and salt/pepper shaker, I bought them all! The whole set together is so cute and it goes well with my Courtly Check Mackenzie Childs enamelware if I wanted to mix and match. My wicker place mats are from Hobby Lobby. They often have 40%-50% off their Springtime Line (which these were), so be on the lookout next time you’re there! They have recently added so many cute table setting pieces to their store!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and isn't it so amazing that there is hope for us all because Christ died for us, and rose again. Just a great thing to think about everyday.. not just on Easter!

Have a great day!

Love, B



A Robinson Christmas


Hi there! *Poking my head through the front door LOL*

Come on in and let me show you around! This house was built in 82 and there is a lot of character here (some of which needs a little updating HA!) It's very french country on the outside and I try and represent that inside too..although I do like mixing the traditional styles with newer looks. Every year I go crazy with Christmas and I wanted to show you what our house looks like if you were to come over on the Holidays. I am so sad to say that this year, however, we have done nothing to the outside...we are usually lighting up every inch of our yard. But, with the end of my company quarter, baby, and Kirk being busy with work too...outside will have to chill for now.


It's a different story when you walk through our doors inside, though! I've got it feeling pretty cozy up in here. The entry welcomes you with lit garland, trees, and Kirk's family's grandfather out for the mistletoe! To the right you will go into my formal dining room where my tablescape is. Loving every nook of candlelight in this room.. My nativity scene is my favorite. That's what it's all about!


Moving into my den you'll notice I ended up switching out my white fur stockings for the ones we have hung the past two years now. I just felt like my fluffy stockings were originally for my master bedroom-so, I went back to plan A. My fireplace is going, my leather candle is on, and my insturmental Christmas music is filtering through the house..


My kitchen is cozy too and I always hang lit garland above the sink. I scattered some cute bottle brush trees I found for 50% off at Hobby Lobby on the countertops. Moving through our study to the stairway, I always have my garlands lit and decked out with Mackenzie ribbon. I've had this look up for the past 2 years and it never gets old!


When you reach the top of the stairs you're easily directed to the master. I put a little Christmas in here too. Garland always goes up on the armoir, tree in the corner, and my little tree on the dresser. I added this cute light blush leopard tree skirt this year and the stockings match it perfectly. Such a sweet and cozy master.

My other guest bedrooms are currently under construction and getting ready for my family to come visit for Christmas, so no peaking in on the mess! When they're ready they each have a small tree and chocolates by the bedside, and a lit candle. I was taught to spoil my guests, so that's what I enjoy doing!


I hope you all enjoyed this mini tour of my home on the holidays! If you saw something you liked and want to know where I got it please leave a comment! I love getting your questions!


Christmas Tablescape


Hello from Florida! 

We made it in last night after several delays (Houston snow). I was SO EXHAUSTED I figured I'd wait to post my Christmas tablescape today. It was Fisher's first plane ride, so I wasn't sure what to expect. He actually did amazing! Today, we are relaxing with friends and looking forward to a little adult time out on the town tonight! 

My Christmas tablescape is all set! Every year I use our vintage plateware from Kirk's grandmother. She had the ENTIRE collection, including the silverware. The look is so Christmas- I LOVE IT. Her crystal glassware is also a special little addition I add for the big holiday meals. I think family heirlooms like these are what make holidays feel so traditional and special. 

My flocked look is made up of trees I found at Homegoods. The larger tree was $30 and the two smaller ones were like $12. I find the best deals at Homegoods and Tj Maxx. I also added a flocked garland and clipped up some faux Holly berries from Hobby Lobby to add a pop of red. To fill in the gaps I added tons of candles (I am a candle whore for sure). I actually shot the whole tablescape in candlelight so show you what it will actually look like when we are ready to eat. Fake snow and tiny faux trees were all that was left to add for everything to feel complete! 

This look is so easy to replicate and you can find plenty of little trees at Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, and Tj Maxx to make your own Christmas forest on the table. I hope you and yours have a beautiful Christmas meal and if you have any questions on where I found anything from the shoot please don't hesitate to ask! I love getting your questions!

Merry Christmas!




A Christmas Safari!


I cannot get over Fisher's room!

You guys, I worked my pregnant butt off to get this nursery just right. The moment I found out I was pregnant I started working on it. I wanted it to be Safari whether or not we were having a boy or girl. It's one of those cute unisex themes you can either girlify or boyify. His Sarari theme is more on the mod side, and I wanted it to be the perfect quiet cozy nook for me and baby.

I always add a little Christmas to every room in the house. In his room, I decorated a tiny little tree. Let's face it. He's 6 months old, so I'm really doing this all for me BUT it's still cute! I'll get him a bigger one when he's older. My mom used to have trees in our rooms growing up. I loved seeing the glow of the lights on from bed. It was the best night light.


I put a few cute blue frosted mini trees on his side table, and changing dresser. I only have the candles on when I'm in there with him relaxing (don't worry). The little stuffed zebra head mount has a little wreath around the neck. I got everything from Homegoods, so no need to link here-just get yourself there and find some good stuff!

Let me know if you'd like to see more from his room and if you have any questions on where I got some of his things.


Holiday Bows


Hey there!!

Okay ya'll. These are so easy I promise! I love making bows year round for wreaths, my outdoor topiaries, gifts, etc. It just gives things a little extra something cute. I love bows! I decided to make a few for each of the stockings on the mantle. Here's what you need to easily replicate for your own home decor: (I've linked my stockings and ribbon at the bottom)

- thin easily pliable crafting wire

- ribbon (I'm using the Mackenzie ribbon from my tree)

-hot glue gun

-scissors &/or wire cutters (the wire I like using is thin enough for a good pair of scissors to cut)

1. Take your ribbon and pull the amount you want to start your first loop (the bigger the bow the more ribbon required) This all depends how big you want to go. Pinch the loop to hold in place.


2. Wrap one end of the wire (get a good amount of wire to start) around the loop and leave the rest hanging. Take the next bit of ribbon and make another loop to match the size of the first. Pinch to hold it in place.


3. Wrap the wire around the second loop. Cut the bow from the spool. Now your bow has two loops and looks like a bow except now, we need to add the middle. Wrap remaining wire up and around the middle multiple times to hold it all together.


4. This is part is totally up to you. I like cutting a tiny piece from my ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the bow so it all matches. OR, you can take a piece of any material you want and do the same. Mix it up and glue a cute broach, or small ornament.


5. If you want yours to look like mine I use the same material and wrap it around the center of the bow- letting the two ends meet. I then hot glue those ends together. As for the wire still on the bow, I usually twist it together and glue the end so it won't unravel.


6. DONE! If your ribbon has wire inside the edging like mine does, take it and shape it however you want. I like curving the bottom pieces- I don't like them to stick straight down. Now, you can glue your bow, pin it, or wire it to anything you want!

I hope I didn't sound too confusing and if you try this please let me know how it all turned out! I'd love to see your bows!

Happy Crafting!


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Oh Christmas Tree!


I knew giving myself a deadline to finish ALL the Christmas decor would be a stretch; especially, with baby, cases, wife things, house duties.... yea, it didn't happen. But, I did finish the tree Sunday morning! Decorating the Christmas tree is literally one of my favorite things in life! My family made it a big deal every year, and my sister and I literally fought over who was going to put up what ornament. It was so exciting unwrapping each of them since they were all individually wrapped in newspaper from the year before. You never knew which one was going to come unwrapped next! They were each so special.. some more beautiful than others, but each had a story. A lot of them were ones we had all handmade in school when we were little kids. They became torn and mangled, but we still put them on. It wasn't the same if they weren't in the mix.

I can't wait to start the same traditions with Fisher. I also can't wait to start getting those sweet little handmade ornaments! We spent forever on this tree. I've gained a few fun ornaments over the years from family, ones I've found here and there, etc. At first I bought a ton when we first got our tree just to fill it and keep up with a theme until I had my own collection of fun ones. Most of them are from At Home (the pinecones, glittery ones, and the ones that are painted to look like wood). The Mackenzie Child's are all from family. My dog bone is a favorite from my Aunt Kick and reminds us of our previous Dane, Bookie. I have a Christopher Radko from my Aunt Nan and it marks 2015 (the year we had our first Christmas in this house!) I am really enjoying collecting them all! There is also a bride and groom Dios De Los Muertos couple I found the year we got married in Cabo that I LOVE. We usually have the Pickle ornament up, but I don't have a clue as to where it could have gone!! If you don't know the Pickle ornament tradition, it's a German one where the parents would hide it on the tree. The first child to find it was given a special Christmas gift and could open their presents first!


The tree itself is prelit (the ONLY way to go in my opinion) and comes from At Home. It is an 8 foot tree since our den ceiling is not the highest. I think it was about $250? Not bad at all for a tree that size and prelit. I love how realistic the branches are! My glittery wood garland is from Homegoods. The Mackenzie Ribbon was sent to me last month from my mom to match my ribbon on the stairway garlands I've had for 2 years. She told me it's about time I tie it all together! She is a professional home decorator, so I listen to whatever that woman says. The ribbon itself makes a statement. The women in my family are literally OBSESSED with collecting Mackenzie, and have been doing it since before I was even born! If you saw my IG story over Thanksgiving you saw how vast my Mema's collection is...totally insane. I have quite a bit, but nothing compared to that! My faux fur tree skirt is by, Nicole Miller from Homegoods. My large gold deer are from At Home, as are the cotton glittered branches in the tree. My tree star is from Hobby Lobby. As a whole, it's really a bunch of things I got here and there. I tried linking a similar tree skirt, but I suggest going to Homegoods or Tj Maxx..they are absolutely LOADED up with all things fur right now!


All that's left to do now is wait for Santa to come eat his cookies and leave some gifts! ;) I've linked all I could and please note that Mackenzie may not carry some of the same ornaments year after year, but I did find my bone on eBay if you really have to have it (also linked)! Again, GO TO HOMEGOODS. I promise you will not leave that place without finding something awesome for your tree!

I hope you have fun decorating your tree with your family! I gave my little boy's room a little touch of Christmas and I'll be posting that Wednesday. Let me know what you think and if you want to see something in particular, or have questions about something in my house let me know!


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Paint Me Pretty


Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to get a little more personal with this post and talk a bit about me and one of my passions in life..ART!

Art has always been a part of my life. Since I was younger I loved drawing, painting, creating, crafting..anything I could get my hands on. I even went through a jewelry making phase for a while. I HAND SEWED a felt cat, filled it with rice to make it 3 dimensional, and sewed buttons for the face for my mother in the 6th grade for Mother's Day. I used to create houses out of sticks of mulch in the backyard when I played outside for my BARBIES.....GOSH I sound nerdy! Want anymore stories?! I'm full of 'em! LOL! But you know what? has always been a part of my personality to do those create. And here I am. A more grown up version of myself, but still redheaded and just as nerdy.

Out of all the hobbies I've taken on I have always been an avid painter. In college I decided to take a painting class one year-just to see what the "rules" of painting were. Just to see how far off the map I was playing (since I really only painted my own way). Turns out there are no rules. I listened to what the professor had to say, but still found a way to do it on my terms. I did not like following a format...much like I don't like following a format for blogging. "Post on this day at this time"..blah blah blah.. HELLO?! The point of a blog is to be yourself and do you, right? That's exactly how I felt about this class. Now, granted, I did take away a lot of tips, technique improvements, etc, but at the end of the day..everyone has their own style. That's what makes this world so wonderful.. everyone is different. I seem to follow a more abstract format. I love color and weird things no one would think to paint. Now, I'm selling my off the grid, "rule" breaking art on Etsy.

Moral of the story..just be you and stop trying to fill the mold. There is no mold. It's something the status quo created to keep themselves confident and secure. Be confident in your own journey in life. We are all heading in the same direction just taking different routes. Wow. I got really deep in this post LOL. I enjoy an intellectual conversation now and again. Let's do this again, but at my house. BYOW (bring your own wine).

On another note, let's talk about my outfit!

This little number is one of my favorites. I found the leopard skirt by Sanctuary at Saks on sale. It runs a size larger, so I'm wearing an XS. I FREAKING LOVE these peep toe booties by, Kristin Cavallari. I topped it off with this black sweater (classic) from BP. I love that it fits loosely. My earrings are from H&M (still can't find them online...only in store). Boo. Shop my look below if you'd like!

Talk soon!




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