My Jord Watch


I never thought that wood could be used to create such a beautiful line of watches. I have been trying for months to get the perfect pics that capture what this watch looks like, and how beautiful it is, but honestly, the pictures don't do it justice. Both JORD men's and women's watches are very luxurious and unique in their own way. My husband loves collecting designer watches and has several, so I knew this would be a gift he would enjoy. Let's just say I hit the nail on the head with this one.


He was so impressed he hasn't stopped wearing it since he got it. He was also so surprised to find out it was made of wood and was crafted so nicely. We both love how you can see the gears in the watch of the face clicking and working. Such a nice feature! Even the wooden box the watches come in is so different and represents the JORD brand perfectly.


I got Kirk the Dover series luxury watch crafted with zebrawood and dark sandlewood. He says it is so comfortable and loves that he gets compliments on it ALL the time from both friends and customers (he's in sales so he's always dressed well). What guy doesn't love that kind of attention? I can bet he will be looking at JORD for his next piece over the other brands he likes.. he truly loves it that much! #Bestwifeeverawardgoestome! He better not have a hard time thinking of what to get me...I need a JORD too!



If you have any questions about our experience with our JORD watch please ask!

Happy Shopping!