Dress Houston 2017

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Wow guys..

I am beyond exhausted! I can't even begin to explain how amazing Mexico was. Nicole and Blake are so amazing and we literally partied with our friends all day everyday! I am REALLY going to miss that "Dirty Monkey" drink LOL. I'll be posting more on Mexico once all my pics are edited and ready to roll!

I made a quick turn around yesterday and covered the Dress Houston Finale 2017, which took place at Henke and Pillot. Dress Houston essentially discovers Houston talent and artistry, and allows them to present their work to the world. A chance to shine and get noticed, if you will.  It was such a fantastic show with designers so passionate about their collections. There were people from all walks of life sharing their love for fashion, and I was truly impressed.

Pre-fashion show there were vendors downstairs selling their products (clothing, jewelry, shirts, and artwork). The show was upstairs, so as a media outlet I went along with the photographers to get the best seats in our section that I could (EVERYONE was obviously wanting a front row spot). I ended up parking it on the floor behind the rope which ended up at my advantage because I got some amazing shots! Designers last night included: Negris LeBrum, House of  Chargois, B Poshi by Beena Yusuf, Robert Powell Designs, Guys N  Style, KYE Desgins, Jamel Hawk, Boujii Couture, and Sky Trues. All of them did an incredible job!

Don't forget the entertainment! American Idol finalist, Vincent Powell performed (which was amazing), among several other artists. A Hurricane Harvey aftermath presentation was shown with interviews from victims. You could really feel a community spirit among everyone.  I would say Dress Houston 2017 was an absolute success, and cheers to this group for showcasing individuals whose lives revolve around their passions. Houston has some incredibly talented people in this industry. Best of luck to those trying to make their dreams come true!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the art!