New Years Eve 2018


It's New Years Eve!

We have been having so much fun with our families this holiday season, and today we are enjoying tamales and some other fixins! This year, we are going very laid back for NYE, but that doesn't mean we can't still make it look cute in here!

I am showing you a few ways to spruce up your table for celebrations on a budget. I got these cute gold rimmed blush colored champagne glasses for $3 from Homegoods! I get a lot of platters and trays from there to display apps and other things-like this marble platter and this slate chalk board platter. I think it's so cute to write on them!

As for decor, I really didn't go out of my way to buy NYE stuff. I had these crowns from last year. I like getting NYE stuff that doesn't have the year so I can reuse them LOL. Also, I had a bunch of cute left over gift bows that are perfect for some color. I also always have fresh flowers for get togethers. It's all bright pinks and pretty hues this time to bring on the New Year!

We have tamales from home( Delias is the BEST), I made some homemade tomatillo sauce to go with it, baked brie and salami, and of course, black eyed peas for good luck into 2018. I also love to cut a purple cabbage in half, hole out the middle for ranch/dip, and serve on a veggie platter on top of green leaf lettuce! It's always a hit!

I've busted open the sparkling rose and making a toast to you and yours! May you have a happy new year and many blessings! Thank you for following along and joining me on this journey!


Love, B