A Robinson Christmas


Hi there! *Poking my head through the front door LOL*

Come on in and let me show you around! This house was built in 82 and there is a lot of character here (some of which needs a little updating HA!) It's very french country on the outside and I try and represent that inside too..although I do like mixing the traditional styles with newer looks. Every year I go crazy with Christmas and I wanted to show you what our house looks like if you were to come over on the Holidays. I am so sad to say that this year, however, we have done nothing to the outside...we are usually lighting up every inch of our yard. But, with the end of my company quarter, baby, and Kirk being busy with work too...outside will have to chill for now.


It's a different story when you walk through our doors inside, though! I've got it feeling pretty cozy up in here. The entry welcomes you with lit garland, trees, and Kirk's family's grandfather clock..watch out for the mistletoe! To the right you will go into my formal dining room where my tablescape is. Loving every nook of candlelight in this room.. My nativity scene is my favorite. That's what it's all about!


Moving into my den you'll notice I ended up switching out my white fur stockings for the ones we have hung the past two years now. I just felt like my fluffy stockings were originally for my master bedroom-so, I went back to plan A. My fireplace is going, my leather candle is on, and my insturmental Christmas music is filtering through the house..


My kitchen is cozy too and I always hang lit garland above the sink. I scattered some cute bottle brush trees I found for 50% off at Hobby Lobby on the countertops. Moving through our study to the stairway, I always have my garlands lit and decked out with Mackenzie ribbon. I've had this look up for the past 2 years and it never gets old!


When you reach the top of the stairs you're easily directed to the master. I put a little Christmas in here too. Garland always goes up on the armoir, tree in the corner, and my little tree on the dresser. I added this cute light blush leopard tree skirt this year and the stockings match it perfectly. Such a sweet and cozy master.

My other guest bedrooms are currently under construction and getting ready for my family to come visit for Christmas, so no peaking in on the mess! When they're ready they each have a small tree and chocolates by the bedside, and a lit candle. I was taught to spoil my guests, so that's what I enjoy doing!


I hope you all enjoyed this mini tour of my home on the holidays! If you saw something you liked and want to know where I got it please leave a comment! I love getting your questions!