My Top Buys from 2017

Hey guys!

2017 was seriously one for the books. I had an incredible year becoming a mother, enhancing my career in sales, promoting my painting business, and starting my blog! There were moments in between where I seriously wanted to pull my hair out, but the good definitely outweighed the ugly. I got to thinking about some of my fav purchases, gifts, items from 2017 that I TRULY enjoyed, kept me sane in the hard times, and would recommend getting in 2018. 


1. Camera. I meant to post on this topic a while ago. I have a Cannon EOS 80D and I freaking love it. After weeks of researching top cameras I finally settled on the Cannon 80D for the quality and reviews. This thing is amazing. I went on Amazon and found an incredible bundle package including the camera, memory cards, lens, lens covers, stand, battery charger, etc. This bundle has it all! I use this camera ALL THE TIME and take it with me everywhere. All my blog photos/instagram posts are with this camera. Best feature about it is it's autofocus and can easily connect to my phone via camera wifi for immediate pic transfer!

2. Nice sunnies. I'm a sucker for designer shades. If nothing else on my face on those days where IDGAF I'm wearing some cute sunnies! I love statement pieces and these make me feel dressed up without the effort. I frequent eBay often looking for good deals. It takes some work to find legitimate sellers who have authentic product, but believe me.. they exist and it's worth the time to save the $$$. No I do not go out and buy $400 sunnies when I can get them new on eBay for half the price. They may be "last season" but PLEASE... they still look good, okay?


3. Purse. This one was a gift, but this year as my 'push present' Kirk got me the Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull. This thing is amazing and has so much room for everything. I love big bags because I like carrying a lot around with me. You never know what you need with you. I also bought the Tote Savvy insert (thank you Rachel!) to use it as a diaper bag when we go out. Easy Peezy!

4. The Uppababy Stroller. I technically got this during Black Friday 2016, but really I have enjoyed it since Fisher was born. I am IN LOVE with this stroller. It is easy to maneuver around, quickly folds up and down, and the car seat system it comes with makes life with a baby much easier during travel. The storage space at the bottom is also huge, so yes....let's go shopping!


5. Beautycounter Countermatch Collection. I just partnered up with Beautycounter and their Countermatch Collection has really saved my skin. Beauty products are really an investment in yourself, which I think is really important. Take care of you. My skin has always been combination dry/oily, but all my dry spots are gone, and I don't suffer from that oily shine anymore thanks to Countermatch. Really a game changer if you ask me. See my Beautycounter page for access to the site. They have a 30% off winter sale going on now!


6. A 2018 planner. Yes, I bought my planner like November-ish gearing up for 2018. I love planners and being a working mom/wife/career woman on the go, I can't survive without it. I usually find the cutest and most efficient ones at Target, or sometimes even TJ Maxx. This year's is from Tj Maxx and has enough room to write all over the place, and has chic little stickers for marking special dates and appointments.

7. Car organizer. Holy Cow. My car can get crazy. I throw everything around in there. It's my office, my shuttle for Fisher, the family vehicle, the shopping cart...even my eating spot when I'm traveling for work. I bought some large wicker baskets from Homegoods that I keep in the car at all times. Throughout the week (or I try everyday) I take all the random things that don't belong in the car and keep them in the baskets. I can easily take the baskets of randomness into the house and dispurse the items to their designated houses. DONE.

8. Spray tan membership. This one is just a really petty one for myself and the fact that my confidence is dependent on how I look. I always feel the most powerful in a good suit and tan. LOL. This one is just a weakness of mine I guess. Thank you Darque Tan. I go at least once a week since it lasts a good 5 days. Do the Norvell if you're interested in trying it out. I always get even coverage.

9. Keurig. Who doesn't have one of these? I just upgraded earlier this year to the 2.0 and I can't imagine my ZOMBIE MOMMIE MORNINGS without that one button push for instant caffeine. It is seriously LIFE.

10. Dog trainer. My 150 lb horse (Great Dane) has been a wonderful big brother, but even he can get out of hand sometimes..imagine that. He's a big baby and needs A LOT of attention, so it's been hard to give him all he needs now that Kirk and I are parents to a 6 month old. The dog trainer, or "Dog Whisperer of Houston" works wonders. If anyone needs this special woman's magic touch in the Houston area let me know, and I will gladly give you her information.

I've linked these items below if you're interested!! What buys have kept you sane that I should try out? I'd love to hear about them!

Love, B

My 6 S's to Success


First of all...I am still having a hard time believing it's 2018 and another Christmas & New Year has come to pass. What is going on?!

I wanted to share with you that I don't necessarily believe in New Years Resolutions. I feel that sometimes people make really big dreamy goals that never seem to be attainable. Here's a big one... "I'm hitting the gym everyday this year".. Okay, yeah right. Let's be honest. We all get busy, so going "everyday" is not realistic. Then you end up getting disappointed with yourself for not keeping your personal promise, and feeling negative isn't exactly the best way to start the new year off... Instead, I like making self help promises. Small realistic goals that are attainable. I can work towards these and it benefit not just this year, but my whole life! Here are my 6 S's to Success in the new year and beyond:

1. Stop procrastinating. This is a huge one LOL. This ugly thing rears it's head at me all the time, and this year I was soooo bad about procrastinating! From work deadlines to house chores...procrastination followed me everywhere... Not anymore!

2. Stay ahead of the game. Imagine what life would be like if you could get rid of procrastination AND also take steps to get ahead. Turning in projects early, starting spring cleaning now, getting a head start on that paper that isn't due for another month... How much easier would that make things for you?

3. Stick to the plan. I get easily distracted by things going on around me. Sometimes I start something and don't finish it. I really need to start one thing and see it to the end.

4. Save money.... YES. I need to be better about this one for sure! This girl loves to shop..

5. Stake out your boundaries and keep them. Take this one as it relates to you. To me, this means I have created boundaries with certain people/drama who are toxic to my life and family. Free yourself from the negative and put up healthy boundaries that will keep you sane and filter out that excess crap you don't need.

6. Stay in the moment! Life is TOO short and I have taken advantage of a lot of moments by thinking of a thousand things at once. I've let too much take my focus away from what is important. I'm constantly thinking of the next project, what I have left on the to do list, etc. I am going to strive to be still in the moment and enjoy my son, husband, and family more.

I am wishing you a happy new year and I hope you have a great start at new beginnings!

Love, B

My outfit is a little something I threw together for a casual NYE at home! My top is a sparkly material from Forever 21 (linked a few similar)and my jeans are NastyGal.  Nothing like blush and pearls! My sunnies are Celine. My shoes are Betsey Johnson, and I LOVE these for the little bow accent. My earrings are from H&M.

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Holiday Style on a Budget



So, I wanted to show you this super cute romper I found at..guess where??? Target! Who doesn't find cute stuff at Target? I usually go in looking for one thing and come out with 10 LOL. Have ya'll seen Joanna Gaines' home line????? UUHHHHHHHHHH I was drooling all over the place.

This year they really stepped up their game in clothing. They have all this season's hottest trends and at an amazing cost! I found this green lace romper for $25! I also linked several other cute options they have right now that are perfect for holiday gatherings. If you're on a budget from all that Christmas shopping, but still need a little number for New Year's night, you'll find a bunch of cute stuff for a great price at Target!

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Guess I Really Love Pink


My pink coat from Guess is one of my favorites. I have an obsession with trenchie/big collared coats. I've got them in black, green, tan, and gray..Cases ended early yesterday, so I hurried home to change to set out to do some errands. Being that it was cold AND rainy (worst combo ever) I decided it was as good a time as any to bust out the trench!

One thing I really love about wearing trenches is it's basically your entire outfit. Who cares what's underneath? The coat is a statement maker. When I saw the pink one out last year it was like..."okay, where's this thing at? I have to go get it." Nordstrom had it on sale and of course the last one was my size (this always happens to me). It was meant to be! At least, I always justify it in my mind that way LOL. A trench is always a great piece to have whether or not the weather is crappy like yesterday, or just a blustery winter day. I've linked a few from this season. These aren't bad prices for a nice coat either!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! A SUPER busy day is ahead of me as I need to pack for Florida, work on some paintings for an art show and clients, do a few shoots, and clean the house! AHHHHHHH!


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Thanksgiving 2017


Sweater: Free People / Jeans: AFRM at Nordstrom / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: Kendra Scott

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you and your family had a beautiful day together and enjoyed some turkey! It was Fisher's first Thanksgiving, and although he's a little too young to have had any turkey himself, I think he still had a great time being passed around to all my family!

I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and I'm very proud of where I come from. My father's side of the family came here long ago and built a large portion of the buildings that became downtown McAllen. I have a lot of family history here, so every time I come back to visit it is such a comforting feeling. There's no place like home!

This year all of my aunts and uncles were able to make it down with my cousins! For all of us to have made it here and be together is so special, so you KNOW we are taking like a million pics LOL. I am definitely indulging in all my fav foods too..Delias, El Pato, and later Arturos! Gotta get it all in! Also, if you saw my IG Stories from yesterday you saw how INSANE my Mema's Mackenzie Childs collection is... we have a fav store that sells it here, so you know where I'll also be visiting today hunting for some Black Friday deals! Lots to do in a short visit!

I've been dying to wear this sweater for a while and saved it for Thanksgiving. It's Free People and fits large, so go down a size. I decided to stay with  a size small because I like the oversized look and feel, and my arms are also really long, so finding tops that fit my length is hard sometimes. My jeans are from Nordstrom and I am obsessed with the torn up look. I especially love pairing torn jeans with heels, so I wore my Jessica Simpson nude pumps. My earrings are Kendra Scott (I actually wore these for my wedding), but I still wear them with certain outfits!

I hope you all enjoy those cold turkey sandwiches, leftover dressing, and lots of family time! I guarantee you we will be!


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More Family Fun!


Leather & Lace


Hi everyone!

I covered Dress Houston 2017 last night and it was amazing! If you haven't yet, you HAVE to check out my previous post I just loaded (Dress Houston). It is packed with some of my best photography work yet, and really captured a lot of collections from the runway.

My outfit for last night included my moto jacket. I've had this thing for years, and fortunately, I feel like it can literally never go out of style. I love an edgy look, so I paired it with my lace BCBG I have had for a couple of seasons. I got REALLY into the photographer spirit last night and ended up sitting on the floor to get some good shots, so the dress didn't end up being ideal, however, it worked out just fine (I've linked some items from BCBG similar, but I don't think my dress is available anymore). My over the knee Steve Madden boots were a for sure YES, and I am wearing some simple gold stud earrings earrings (matching my purse chain and jacket zippers). I decided to take my smaller Rebecca Minkoff purse since I was pretty sure my hands would be busy snapping pictures. They were! LOL.

I had so much fun last night and if you can go to Dress Houston, or any event that really strives to allow new designers to shine, you should go!

Don't forget my Holiday Shop is opening on the blog soon!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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Dress Houston 2017

DH logo.jpg
audience 2.jpg
dancer flameless.jpg
angel wings.jpg
angel 3.jpg
dancer flames.jpg
peacock sunnies 2.jpg
peacock sunnies.jpg
black feather glasses.jpg
red sunnies.jpg
butterfly sunnies.jpg
round sunnies.jpg
small round sunnies.jpg
green sunnies.jpg
white sunnies.jpg
yellow sunnies 21.jpg
black dresss.jpg
chain dress.jpg
yellow sunnies.jpg
black romper.jpg
white dress.jpg

Wow guys..

I am beyond exhausted! I can't even begin to explain how amazing Mexico was. Nicole and Blake are so amazing and we literally partied with our friends all day everyday! I am REALLY going to miss that "Dirty Monkey" drink LOL. I'll be posting more on Mexico once all my pics are edited and ready to roll!

I made a quick turn around yesterday and covered the Dress Houston Finale 2017, which took place at Henke and Pillot. Dress Houston essentially discovers Houston talent and artistry, and allows them to present their work to the world. A chance to shine and get noticed, if you will.  It was such a fantastic show with designers so passionate about their collections. There were people from all walks of life sharing their love for fashion, and I was truly impressed.

Pre-fashion show there were vendors downstairs selling their products (clothing, jewelry, shirts, and artwork). The show was upstairs, so as a media outlet I went along with the photographers to get the best seats in our section that I could (EVERYONE was obviously wanting a front row spot). I ended up parking it on the floor behind the rope which ended up at my advantage because I got some amazing shots! Designers last night included: Negris LeBrum, House of  Chargois, B Poshi by Beena Yusuf, Robert Powell Designs, Guys N  Style, KYE Desgins, Jamel Hawk, Boujii Couture, and Sky Trues. All of them did an incredible job!

Don't forget the entertainment! American Idol finalist, Vincent Powell performed (which was amazing), among several other artists. A Hurricane Harvey aftermath presentation was shown with interviews from victims. You could really feel a community spirit among everyone.  I would say Dress Houston 2017 was an absolute success, and cheers to this group for showcasing individuals whose lives revolve around their passions. Houston has some incredibly talented people in this industry. Best of luck to those trying to make their dreams come true!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the art!



Statement Sleeves & Pearl Jeans


Hey guys!

I'm extra happy this Tuesday because today we leave for Mexico! (insert long and loud grito*) 

I wore this outfit to church Sunday, and I am completely obsessed with this sweater! I have always loved the cold shoulder style, but with ruffles added?! GENIUS. It fits well, its comfy, and comes in black. My pearl embellished jeans are by, Kensie, but I've linked 2 that are similar. These jeans are everywhere, so don't freak out if you are on the hunt and missed out on a particular brand. I literally found these at TJ Maxx! I paired this outfit with some simple nude heels from Jessica Simpson, and my pearl earrings to accent the pearl embellishments. A simple outfit that says a lot!

I may not be wearing a cute sweater top in Mexico, but I promise you'll love the upcoming posts! Especially, if you've got a little fall vacay in the future!

See you in Mexico!


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A Wedding Vacation Celebration!


I'm not sure that I've ever been so excited about so many things all at once! 1) One of my sorority sisters is getting married (a Gamma wedding is always a good time) 2) It's in Mexico 3) I get to relive all of the summer feels 4) Vacation time! 5) Did I mention it's a wedding in paradise? PS. I apologize for blinding you with my whiteness- this was pre spray tan (adding this to the list of things to bring).

Basically, I can't wait! Packing is my thing. I HATE unpacking, but if you need help packing..I'm your girl. I just took over the entire guest bedroom so I would have enough space to pack...RIDIC. Kirk and I got married in Cabo last August, so I had a VERY different list of things to pack as a bride. Now, I'm a guest, and I've compiled a list of things to bring to either a wedding, or even, a winter vacay in the tropics!

1. Dresses. I can't tell you enough how you will love wearing dresses at these resorts-not just because it's Mexico and it's pretty much summer year round. During the day bring casual dresses you can wear that are flowy and comfy to lounge around the resort. I liked wearing my bikini underneath to head straight to the pool after breakfast (yea, we like to start early over here).

2. Bring a dress to wear each night. A lot of the resorts in Mexico are "all inclusive" so, they usually have several different restaurants on site. These vary in dress code, so to eliminate any issues I like bringing cocktail dresses or a cute romper. You can never go wrong with that. I mean, you can definitely get away with some dark skinnies, but I personally, can't stand wearing jeans in heat.

3. Bring one bag/clutch that will match with all your dinner outfits, a crossbody for exploring, and a bigger bag for being poolside. You don't want to have to bring a ton of bags ( I always end up doing this) , but bringing a few different ones gives you flexibility for whatever you're doing. I'm mainly bringing a clutch for the wedding, but this can also work if we end up going to a fancier resort restaurant. Otherwise, a crossbody will do the entire time!

4. Bring some athletic wear and some tennis shoes. If you like going on excursions you will definitely want to bring some clothes you can get active in. In Cabo, we went on several. One involved a dune buggy/4 wheeler type adventure. It was amazing, but I'm so glad we wore some workout clothes because we got so filthy!

5. Bring at least 2 good bikinis.. this is a given! Don't forget the sun hat!

6. Sunscreen. No one likes a lobster Bridesmaid or guest in their pictures! * I JUST GOT A SPRAY TAN* so I won't be blinding people at the pool...

7. I could never say don't bring heels..especially for a wedding or nights out! BUT, be careful not to forget comfy shoes. Resorts are usually huge and require A LOT of walking (at least mine did). You will be glad you brought those sandals or espadrilles!

8. A camera! Duh! Take some pics to remember your trip, and to look back on a great time spent with friends and family. Also...sunnies.. the ceremonies are usually around 4 pm, so the sun is still a BLAZIN!

9. A shawl or coverup for night time. Sometimes it cools down quite a bit at night, and there's nothing worse than freezing while trying to have fun..or you could just take an extra shot of tequila..

10. A go-with-the-flow-attitude. Destination weddings can be stressful enough for the Bride. I remember not really knowing what was going down until the day of. I WISH I had just told myself to be calm and stress free because it was literally PERFECT! Worst thing ever is having guests act confused or add to the stress..let the wedding coordinator do their jobs, and don't ask the Bride what's going on because she will not know...

Outfit specifics on what I'm bringing:

Shopping for this trip has been fun and a lot of what I found was on MAJOR sale because summer is over! I have a colorful Free People romper that I've linked and I CANNOT wait to wear it! I have 2 different dress options for the wedding (I always weigh my options the day of). The are both short because I'm pretty sure the reception is in the sand! Gianni Bini has great dresses that are semi summery on sale right now! Most of my bikinis are Trina Turk.

I've packed 2 different athletic outfits for excursions, and I've even linked all the shoes I'm bringing for every outfit. My jewelry is a combo of both simple (day time) and statement (night time). My Louis Vuitton crossbody purse should do the trick for everyday walking and exploring, and I'm bringing several clutches (I can't help myself with the purses).

I've linked SOME of the things I'm bringing with me below. I'll be posting my attire while I'm there, so be on the lookout on IG for links to get what I found for this tropical wedding! What other things am I missing when packing for a destination wedding??



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Sweater Dresses & Thigh Highs


Sweater Dress: Topshop / Boots: Steve Madden / Hat: Forever21 (Linked one similar) / Necklace: Express (linked one from Baublebar) / Leopard Clutch: Topshop (linked some similar)

Okay guys... it's Friday and I have no idea how we got here! It was just Monday! I have been super busy gathering the best 2017 gift ideas to create my Holiday Gift Guide, wrapping up my leopard series, and prepping for Mexico (not to mention being Mommie and working my full time job). I literally had to leave Fisher with Kirk's mom last night because I had cases starting early today, and the nanny is off. (Did I mention I am SO LUCKY to have this woman in town?!)  I get tired just thinking about it all..but, better to be busy than bored!

This is my final post for my leopard series! I shot this look yesterday-who doesn't love a good sweater dress? This Topshop cutie from Nordstrom is seriously so comfy, and comes in gray as well. You could wear it with leggings, or my personal fav, just some thigh high boots. I accessorized with a leopard clutch to add a little something different. My necklace is from Express from a long while back (I've linked some similar). I've linked my hat as well! My boots are my favorite Steve Madden ones I've been wearing all fall. If you live in Texas, this is probably an outfit you can get away with during the winter months too!

My cases are about to start today, so I better jet! Let me know if you have any questions on this look!

Happy Friday!


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Beauty and The Beast


Shoes: Betsey Johnson / Skirt: (linked a few from Nordstrom & this one is 25% off!) / Earrings: H&M (linked some similar) / Sunglasses: Steve Madden / Purse: Kate Spade (linked one similar)/ Necklace: Baublebar

NO, I don't walk Bishop in least not on the daily.. LOL. But, I did want to include him in this shoot because yesterday he was just ALL over me wanting my attention! I think sometimes it gets to him that he isn't the only baby anymore.. Danes are very sensitive to things like that, and get extremely jealous. So, I gave him some love! Isn't he just the cutest LITTLE thing?! I call him my little Dragon Boy.

Anyway! For my last Pink Monday of October and my Breast Cancer Awareness series, I'm wearing this flowy, pleated, mid length skirt! I am loving all these pleated skirts lately. Especially, the velvet ones. Have you seen them?! I regret not grabbing the velvet magenta colored one I saw at Zara...I hope it's still there. Pair it with a cute graphic tee, or a sweater, like I did. I went with one I love by, BP at Nordstrom. Black and pink just go together like PB & J.

My shoes are by, Betsey Johnson. I got them a while back, but linked some similar. I also linked these super cute pink ones by, Valentino, just to give you some different options. You could go so many different ways with this look.

My sunnies are by Steve Madden and give a little cat eye. I'm wearing my fav tassel earrings from H&M. I would also wear some simple pearl studs, but I wanted to give this outfit a little more flair.  I'm also wearing one of my favorite monogram necklaces I got from Baublebar (if you haven't checked out what they can do in the personalized section, you SHOULD. Cute stuff!) I LOVE anything personalized, or monogrammed! My husband got my Kate Spade purse for me last year, but Kate always has such cute pink bags year round.

PS: I'm already starting my holiday gift guides and you're going to flip! I'm partnering with some amazing brands, so be on the lookout for the upcoming posts! There are going to be some amazing deals!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Let me know what you think of this look (and my little Dragon Boy) in the comments-I'm sure he would appreciate some more attention!


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Dinos in Leopard

See my baby dino behind me? :LOL

See my baby dino behind me? :LOL


Dino T: ZARA / Jeans: ZARA(I've linked some similar here) / Leopard Jacket (I've linked several in the Shop My Look section below) / Earrings: H&M / Shoes: Steve Madden / Chill Pill Clutch: Shein / Sunglasses: Quay Australia

So, you may not know this, but I LOVE dinosaurs. I used to watch Jurassic Park on repeat as a little girl when the first one came out, and I was fascinated! I knew I wanted to be a famous Archeologist who traveled the world digging for dino bones, and ancient civilizations.. Funny how things change! LOL I guess I'm not a famous Archeologist, but I'll take mama/sales rep/wife all the same! Still a nerd, though.... What did you wanna be?

I have had this leopard coat since last year when I found it at a boutique in Amarillo, Texas, and now I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE. It's all over IG paired with cute graphic tees, and that's when I thought about my dino T! Zara scores again with this ootd. The tee-shirt and jeans are both from ZARA (I've linked the exact ones above and some similar below). These jeans have such a cute detail, and show a little lace behind the tattered holes. The shirt is a graphic dino t-shirt with green rhinestones to add a little sparkle. I know I probably can't find the boutique online for the jacket, so I'm linking several that are very similar to mine.

My glasses are Quay Australia and my clutch is from Isn't is the cutest?! TAKE A CHILL PILL. We all need to..LOL. I got it a while back, but linked the site where there are other cute ones! My earrings are from H&M! The shoes are Steve Madden!

Enjoy your Friday! You deserve it!


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Pink & Patterned


Top: Ann Taylor (from last year but I've linked some alternatives I like) / Sunnies: Sonix / Earrings: J Crew (older but linked a few cute ones) / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff / Leggings: Express / Boots: Steve Madden / Watch: Michael Kors

Here we go! Another Monday!

I am going to be super busy this week with our regional meeting in Fredericksburg (Wine Country), Texas! I've been organizing and getting my S*** together because I literally have the month of November pretty much booked up with no room for hiccups! Being busy keeps me on my toes, though, and I love it. It forces me to keep clean, organized, and together, and I'm going to be sharing some helpful tips for keeping organized soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to share what I wore this Sunday. I am loving all the bold floral patterns trending right now (I've linked some alternatives I Iike). I actually got this top from Ann Taylor last year and have NEVER worn it until now! I got it right before I found out I was pregnant and there was NO WAY I could've worn it during..(did you see my belly?!) LOL. It looked like I was carrying a basketball around everyday! It was rainy and chilly yesterday morning, so I wore black leggings and my Steve Madden OTK boots. This look is really, in my opinion, all about the accessories. I wore my hair up (rain), with my J Crew earrings. LOVE THESE. I usually always have an MK watch on the wrist, and this one is one of my favorites. I'm also wearing these cute sunnies I found at Nordstrom Rack..I remember these from the Nords Anny Sale where they were $80, and I found them at the Rack in tortoise shell pattern for literally $20! SCORE! My purse is the same Rebecca Minkoff as the one from Friday's post!

This look can pass for Sunday service or a work event!

I hope everyone has a great start to the week and I'll be posting from Fredericksburg Tuesday!


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Wild about Leopard


Hat: Maybe Forever 21 ( I can't remember but linked a similar one! LOL) / Green Top: Free People / Jeans: ZARA / Booties: Sam Edelman / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff / Glasses: Levur Eyewear / Link Bracelet: Baublebar / Earrings: H&M

Happy Friday!

It's always nice to end the week on a good note. I had a little traveling for work to do this morning and just started thinking about how lucky I am to be employed, to be alive, and thank God for my family. (When you drive as much as I do you have A LOT of windshield time to think about all kinds of things). Just a little tid bit of thankfullness!!

I shot this look yesterday before we went to dinner (hence driveway scene LOL) and I am totally in love. I will probably wear the whole outfit several times this fall! Something about the tattered skinnies and leopard booties makes me think sexy 80's rock and roll music video...*Heart explosion*

My green Free People balloon sleeve top is the same as the one I had from the pumpkin patch shoot except in this color (and on sale right now). My jeans... HOLD UP. Let me just say that ZARA has great jeans. How have I not discovered this before?? They are all at a great price point, comfortable, trendy (the tatteredness), and STRETCH without stretching out. Excuse me..YES. As you can see, this is my jam right now. My shoes are Sam Edelman that I got last year, but there are a TON of cute leopard styles out right now by Sam. (Every time Sam "likes" when I tag them in my posts I get super amped, like, "SAM SEES ME OMG YES I LOVE YOUR SHOES!"). I've had this hat fact, I don't even know where I got it..I think Forever 21?? I've linked some similar. My purse is Rebecca Minkoff and I actually got it as a gift at one of my company's national sales meetings. I love the gold chain detail and the big gold studs on the bottom.

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!


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Scarves, Suede & the Smithsonian


Hat: Saks Off Fifth / Scarf: (found mine at Tj Maxx, but I linked one similar) / Dress: Old Forever 21 (linked one similar) / Boots: Steve Madden / Purse: Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull / Perfume: Marc Jacobs

So, this trip was more fun than I anticipated.. I mean, when you think awards trip you kinda think more along the lines of..beaches (HELLO? HAWAII LAST YEAR!). When we found out it was to Washington DC I had mixed emotions. 1) Free trip-why am I complaining? 2) I love history. 3)Awww no beach. 4) It's a free trip..... 5) When do you really have a chance to go to DC? All in all, we did get to see and do some amazing things. We visited the Lincoln Memorial, walked through Arlington National Cemetery, and visited some very amazing museums; I would say we had a great time!

Today I'm showing you my ootd from when we went and saw the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. FIRST OF ALL, if you're planning a trip to Washington bring some comfortable walking shoes! Thank goodness I at least brought one pair of cute flat boots. You will walk A LOT.  Second, I am a complete NERD and love science and dinosaurs so, this museum was right up my alley (I almost had a heart attack when we saw the T-Rex). If you are too, this place is loaded with amazing exhibits and you won't be disappointed!

October in DC is pretty all over the place- a little muggy/warm on some days and cool on others. It was pretty nice outside without a jacket, so I put on a double layer dress and my Steve Madden boots. I threw on my wool hat from Saks Off Fifth and my scarf (found at Tj Maxx). I loved having my GM Neverfull because we did a little shopping along the way, so there was plenty of room to store all the goods! Especially, all the little souvenirs we brought back for Fisher. I'll be uploading ALL the pics we took of the actual exhibits to the HONEY page today...there are a TON!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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Meet Mr. Robinson


Hello good people!

I usually don't post on Tuesdays, but I have SO much to share from our trip I need to start going for it to fit it all into this week. To start it off I wanted to talk a bit about the person responsible for getting us there in the first place! Meet Mr. Robinson (aka Kirkie, Kirk, Captain Kirk, or even Cookie Crisp) LOL. My husband is amazing. He's a businessman, entrepenuer, husband, father, and best friend. He has a heart of gold and an incredible work ethic, and with that combination he is loved just as much by his customers. He has been with Sysco Houston for 4 years, and in that time he has won Chairman's club every year and Torchbearer (the highest award) for 2.  The Torchbearer spot is incredibly hard to grab..people work their butts off for YEARS and YEARS trying to achieve it, and Kirk has been able to do it 2 years in a row in just 4 years. To have gotten it in his 3rd year is apparetly crazy.. but, I'm not surprised he did it. I am SO PROUD of him for all his accomplishments, and all that he is for our family.

It hasn't been easy (no relationship is when you both work) to find time to spend together, and keep close. Especially, now that we have a baby. But, we always have a date night at least twice a week. Fisher goes with grandma and it's literally ONE on ONE time; whether it be dinner, a night out on the town, or a movie. We have always believed it is crucial to keep "dating your spouse" throughout marriage. I mean, LOOK AT THIS HUNK.. But, seriously, he is just as funny as he is good looking, and for me humor is everything. I knew I needed to marry someone who could make me laugh everyday, and I hit the jackpot! How did I get so lucky?!

I could go on and on about Kirk, but for everyone at home reading and thinking this is getting mushy- "let's quit it already!"- I'll go ahead and talk attire. I dress my man in Brooks Brothers (his absolute favorite brand). I got him some BB cologne as part of his birthday gift last year..smells amazing. He is never found without a watch and has an obsession with Michael Kors. His dress shoes are Cole Haan. No tie...because despite the dress code he claims he, "doesn't follow the rules" (aka hates ties)   *EYE ROLL* 

As for me, I'm wearing a bright red cocktail dress by, Gianni Bini. Supposedly, redheads are not supposed to wear red..or pink..why? I have not a clue and I hate following "fashion rules" (I wear white in the winter). I loved the swoop neck across the neckline that continued to an off the shoulder design. The top was tight fitting, so I didn't struggle all night with pushing my sleeves up. The bottom was a mesh material with matching red embroidery. My pumps are Jessica Simpson. I would've worn my hair up in a low messy bun had we had enough time before the reception started... we were on a tight schedule, but it turned out okay in the end! Best part about it- it was on super sale at Dillards! I also found it on Poshmark for $75 (50% off original price), which I've linked for you!

Have a great Tuesday!


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Pump it Up in Pink


Outfit: MINKPINK / Sunglasses: Quay / Shoes: Nike

Happy Monday!!! I know you missed me Friday, but we were SO BUSY in Washington I literally had no time to post (just take a ton of pics). These award trips are so much fun, but they always have a strict itinerary. Kirk and I need a vacation now..LOL.

ANYWAY, I am back in action and ready to kick this week's BUTT in this MINKPINK pink camo workout ootd. Kirk and I have our Whole30 menu ready to go. We need to do a little clean eating, especially before the holidays. Kirk has really been pushing us to get back onto a more health conscious regimen, and claims he's the one who put on all the baby weight. Let's face it..I ate healthy during my pregnancy, but when I wanted a cookie I ate it..or five. Whatever. I have been very fortunate with a fast metabolism, so I can usually eat whatever I want. I ate SO MUCH during my pregnancy, so there was a lot of extra food in the house (this is where Kirk tends to point the finger at me). So, we are trying to get back into the swing of the way things were pre-baby.

I was the MOST fit I have ever been in my life before I got pregnant, which definitely helped me bounce back in combo with breastfeeding. I lost all my baby weight (30lbs) by week 3 postpartum. This was just by eating healthy, grazing throughout the day, or maybe I'm just a freak of nature..IDK. By week 6 I was able to workout again..carefully.  I know my body will never fully be the same as it once was, but I fully accept that because I absolutely love my baby and it was all worth it. I still lOVE to work out and try new classes, so right now I have the T25 series. It's only 25 minutes a day, which is PERFECT for my busy schedule. I'll keep you updated with how it is.

So, in honor of getting back into a fit household I decided to show you one of my favorite workout pieces that just so happens to be pink. I found this brand at TjMaxx (can also be found at Saks Off Fifth), so I was super pumped! I love the camo..makes you really feel ready to get strong and sweat it out! The pink mesh tank is not MINKPINK, but I thought it was cute and would cover me since I'm not big on wearing straight up sports bras to workout in in public. LOL. My glasses are Quay Australia. I'm wearing my fav Nikes, which match my straps. I found my exact outfit on ASOS, so I linked it for you right under the last pic!

What are your favorite healthy habits? Any tips for busy mamas?




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Paint the Town Pink!


Pink Top: Forever 21 (Check the Shop My Look below for similar options) / Jeans: New York & Company / Tassel Earrings: H&M (I found these in the actual store-not online) / Glasses: Quay Australia (Style: Cafe Racer) / Heels: BCBG/ Purse: Kate Spade

What is it about pink and sparkles that makes a girl's heart skip a beat? Idk.. But, what I do know is...I look so WHITE in these pics (I need a spray tan)...jk. More importantly....I LOVE this look. This is the perfect GNO attire! Like, it really just makes me wanna grab my gals and go paint the town PINK!

You could wear this top with some black skinnies with black booties, or EVEN, a leopard skirt if you wanted to get a little wild. So many possibilities! I actually got this at Forever 21 a while back, but I found ones similar to link for you! I threw on my Cafe Racer shades from Quay Australia to give it an edge. I really emphasized the sparkle with the metallic tassel earrings from H&M (my exact ones are in the store-couldn't find them online). With all this going on, I kept the shoes simple. Just some nude BCBG heels! My purse is Kate Spade in rose gold. My cocktail ring is a fun little thing I found at a boutique called, Lily Rain. My jeans are New York & Company in a "tall skinny" fit because I'm lanky all over. They are so comfy!

I hope this ootd put a little sparkle in your Monday!


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Pumpkin Pickin in Denim!


Top: Free People / Skirt: Free People / Hoop Earrings: Free People Boots: Steve Madden (and they're 20% off right now!) / Sunglasses: Gucci

I usually don't post on Sundays, but we had too much fun yesterday at Pumpkin Palooza not to share. This week is going to be insanely busy with my work andgetting ready for our trip to Washington, so I am going to have to kick it into high gear over here!

I spent the majority of yesterday morning putting out all the Halloween decor (you're going to love that post soon), and then we went over to one of our favorite plant nurseries in Katy. They had Pumpkin Palooza yesterday, so there were plenty of photo opps for Fisher, although, I think I was more excited to take his pictures than he was LOL.

My whole look is Free People. This sweater is super light and soft, which is perfect for Houston fall temps. It also comes in a few other colors.  I haven't worn a denim skirt in God knows how long, but when I tried this one on I had to say YES. The rose embroidery is too cute! Skirts with over the knee boots is really becoming my favorite look this season. Speaking of boots, mine are Steve Madden, and I got them during the Nordstrom Anny Sale for a steal. I love having a tan pair to go with everything. My sunglasses are Gucci (I've had them for a while).

Happy Sunday!



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Skirts of Leather & Pearl Sweaters



I'm literally sitting here having a MARTINI post Botox sesh... It's been one hell of a day, and yes, I said Botox (gotta start getting preventative on these wrinkles, okay?) As you get to know me you'll find I'm pretty much an open book..I don't keep secrets.

I have been dying all week to share how crazy I am over this pearl sweater from ZARA for $60. I've had my eye on it for weeks. I am all about an edgy look. Just ask some of my sorority sisters from college- (I went through a Lady Gaga phase for a while). Studs, black leather, boots... Yes to all of it.

I tried to order it online, but they didn't have a size small, so I went to the actual store to see if I could find it. I basically flipped that store upside down looking..and then I found one hanging in the fitting room!! ( I was obviously NOT leaving until I found this sweater LOL). All I could think was, "Who in the hell wouldn't want this?!" I love it because you can dress it in so many different ways- jeans, black faux leather skinnys.. I chose this Gianni Bini black leather skirt and paired it with my Steve Madden over the knee boots to goa little more edgy. It is cropped so be aware of the cut! My sunglasses are MIU MIU. I LOVE how crazy cool all MIU MIU's glasses are, and they come in the cutest pink velvet holder! Shop my look below!

Have a great weekend!



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Hello October!


If you weren't outside this weekend it should be considered a SIN!! It was absolutely beautiful. Perhaps, it was because we have reached October! Bring on the pumpkin picking, football watching, and Halloween decorating! I just finished setting up our front porch pumpkins, so I wanted to stay home to shoot!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I'll be starting off each week in pink for the Fashion Hive. Both grandmothers on each side of my family are Breast Cancer survivors, as are several of my girlfriends. This terrible disease has affected so many lives. Let's be sure to honor everyone; survivors, those who have lost their battles, and their families! It's so important!

Today, I'm kicking it off casual in a pink J. Crew sweater with ruffle detail. I am LOVING all these sweaters with sleeves screaming for attention-being that they're so loud you might want to tone down the accessories. My earrings are also J. Crew and they're all the jewelry I need with this top. I got these a while back, but I did some research for you and found a link for them at Poshmark...YOU ARE WELCOME! You could also wear some cute pearl studs, but for this outfit I wanted to dress it up a little (especially, since I'm shooting with my favorite men today).

My jeans are from Express. Literally, almost all of my jeans (and faux leather leggings) are from Express. They have such a huge variety and are so comfortable! I topped it all off with my Sam Edelman leopard flats that I've had forever (which I'm wearing with almost everything right now)..Leopard is HOT this season! If you weren't aware just head over to Dillard's where you'll find an overwhelming amount of leopard in the shoe department. LOL.

P.S. If you are on the hunt for dresses right now, and love Gianni Bini (one of my obsessions besides BCBG) there is a MAJOR sale going on at Dillard's! I just grabbed two for our trip to Washington DC and I can't wait to show you!

Happy Monday!


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The Basic Fall Outfit


Booties: Vince Camuto    Sweater & Sunglasses: Free People   Jewlery & Jeans: Express    Perfume: Tory Burch

Seriously, this weather is ridiculous. I see all these cute gals on IG in their fall attire, and I'm over here in Houston sweating my butt off! I'm literally so anxious to get geared up in my fall clothes I've already worn a few sweaters knowing I'll be hot as hell, but I don't care- I'M SO READY FOR FALL. *Please send the cool fronts now, Jesus!* This is the season I look forward to the most! I love everything about it.. the seasonal coffees, the clothes, the decor, the football, the weather.. even the sun seems to give off this different kind of yellow light.

Can we also talk about the trends going on right now?  When I say I took advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I mean that I'm still hiding my receipts from Kirk (this wasn't part of our new budget system). Ooops. Hey, I'm a sucker for good bargains! There were so many cute things I just couldn't leave behind. All the bell sleeves, the cut outs, leather skirts, booties, and sweaters... I wanted it all. This off the shoulder top from Free People is one of the many I snagged during the sale. I don't know if Nords has the Moss color anymore, but I know Macy's does and it's almost sold out! (links are above). I also grabbed these Vince Camuto booties. I've worn them at least a thousand times already..I usually always try and find some staple pieces that will go with almost any outfit for easy versatility throughout the season.

Currently, I'm pushing Kirk up the ladder to the attic to get down all the fall decor for the house.

Kirk: "Is it really time to start decorating?"

Me: "Just get up there and get my pumpkins.."

That's a whole other thing. Gotta get your closet and your house decked out! It's a job! I hope everyone has fun revamping their wardrobes and sprucing up their nests! Hopefully it starts feeling a little more fall-like soon...