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Hi everyone!

I covered Dress Houston 2017 last night and it was amazing! If you haven't yet, you HAVE to check out my previous post I just loaded (Dress Houston). It is packed with some of my best photography work yet, and really captured a lot of collections from the runway.

My outfit for last night included my moto jacket. I've had this thing for years, and fortunately, I feel like it can literally never go out of style. I love an edgy look, so I paired it with my lace BCBG I have had for a couple of seasons. I got REALLY into the photographer spirit last night and ended up sitting on the floor to get some good shots, so the dress didn't end up being ideal, however, it worked out just fine (I've linked some items from BCBG similar, but I don't think my dress is available anymore). My over the knee Steve Madden boots were a for sure YES, and I am wearing some simple gold stud earrings earrings (matching my purse chain and jacket zippers). I decided to take my smaller Rebecca Minkoff purse since I was pretty sure my hands would be busy snapping pictures. They were! LOL.

I had so much fun last night and if you can go to Dress Houston, or any event that really strives to allow new designers to shine, you should go!

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Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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