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I've been getting so many questions about my Gucci oversized sunnies that I thought I would write up a little something about how I find my designer goods for a great price!

These particular sunnies retail for about $360-$400. They can be found full price with various styles at Nordstrom and are the 54mm oversized square Gucci sunglasse (see link below) I LOVED these and if I totally couldn't wait to have them I may pay that for a good pair.. HOWEVER, I can wait because I'm a bargain addict. I started researching online at various places.. I find great designer goods (including these Gucci sunglasses) on Amazon and Ebay. These were on Amazon for $175 and they are completely legit, authentic, and certified. This may seem iffy, but just read the reviews, see what they say about authenticity, check the seller stats. The company that sold mine through Amazon is an eyewear company, so they had a great reputation and real designer goods. I have the link to these below!

There are other great places to grab designer goods (other than sunnies)  like, Tradesy, Poshmark, Fashionphile, and The Real Real. For glasses I will almost always go with Amazon/Ebay because they are still marked pretty high at the others. Tradesy is great for bags, but honestly, Fashionphile is where I have been going-and they have great jewelry as well! #Chanel

If you're a bargain hunter like me with a taste for designer fashion try these resources out! I find so many awesome deals! Also, if you have any questions on how I type in products to search for them on Amazon / Ebay message me- I''ll be happy to help you look for whatever you've got your eye on!

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