Shopping for Fall: What to Look for to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall

Shopping for Fall: What to Look for to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall

Are you as excited for Fall as I am?! I cannot wait for Fall! I recently cleaned out my closet and I’m going over what I tend to look for when we go through the transition period into Fall. It’s still hot out, but we wanna look cute… Here are my favorite pieces to help you do just that!

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Favorite Beauty Products: Fall Beauty and Hydration

Favorite Beauty Products: Fall Beauty and Hydration

Fall is in full swing and winter is on its way which means my skin is in deep trouble if I don’t get ahead in the hydration game. These are my top favorite beauty products that are especially great for keeping my skin nice and plump this season!

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Flashy and Flirty: Wink Lash Bar


Happy Friday!! 

I know you're just as excited as I am for the weekend! What do you have planned? It's going to be a busy one for Fisher and I. Kirk is going out of town to go hunting with some friends, so it's going to just be me and my little man! We have 2 baby showers tomorrow, lots of food to eat, and swimming to do...maybe get him some new clothes with some b-day gift cards! I am actually looking forward to spending some one on one time with him and cuddle all weekend!!

I wanted to talk about one of the things I get questioned about the MOST. My lash extensions. I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. One of my favorite accessories are my lashes. As you know, if you've been following me for a while, you've seen me go from extensions to glue on falsies, and back to extensions. It is healthy for a little break from the extensions, but let me explain why I keep going back, where I get these amazing things, and what I get when I go get a refill. 

The main reason I get extensions is because a) I love the way they look b) I can literally wake up and look fresh and ready to go- no makeup-no mascara. They are easy and effortless. I was struggling SO HARD to get the same look with glue ons. I spent at least 10 minutes everyday trying to position them properly, set the glue.... omg what a hassel. My extensions feel amazing and natural... YES, natural. I get asked all the time if they are my natural lashes. That is seriously the biggest compliment to the amazing women at WINK LASH BAR. They do such an incredible job and use the best quality products. I know this because I have been going to them for quite some time now and my lashes literally last for 3 weeks and longer! I think I now only go get refills once a month. My lashes hardly ever fall out. I do follow the rules and take proper care of my lashes, however, this is truly a testament to the quality and experience provided by my lash ladies at WINK. 

I have gotten the classic set (can't go wrong) and volume (super full and amazing), and hybrid (when my volume is due for a refill, but I refill with classic lashes). I am wearing the hybrid look right now and I am loving the texture and look of them. Next, I'll go back to my volume lashes because I love that big voluminous look. Either option is great and depends on what you're looking for. When you first go, you'll get seated and have a one on one consultation with a lash babe and discuss what look you're going for and how they can accomplish it. They literally examine your lashes and see what density lash is the best option for you, so you get the best results. Everyone has different lashes, so it's important to know what you can handle. If you get too dense a lash and you have thin lashes, you may find a lot of lashes falling out because they can't stand the weight. That's why my ladies here make sure and talk with you beforehand and discuss your options. 

They also have memberships (like I have). This truly benefits you if you plan on coming in often for refills and wearing them for a while. The price for lashes per month was worth it for me. I was paying for nice glue ons that I would have to continuously take on and off everyday... the time to put them on.... it just made sense for me to go back to extensions, and I would never go anywhere else but WINK LASH BAR. I am addicted to the quality, results, and customer service. Not to mention the whole salon is the cutest. Velvet tufted couches, pretty candy-filled decanters, and chocolates are provided while you wait your turn. Very welcoming and very clean. 

So, if you've been on the fence to try out some lashes go swing by WINK and let them take care of you, and answer any questions you have. Tell them I sent you! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Love , B


Call Me Carrie


Hey everyone!

I am loving shots in the city. I think it is really  important to reflect your city and where you live in your blog. I love being in the midst of the hustle downtown. Everyone is going somewhere, doing something, running off to make something happen. Busy vibes all throughout and I love it!

Urgh!!!!! Having a Carrie Bradshaw moment in this cute number by designer, Yumi Kim! I discovered her line while looking through the racks at TJ Maxx! She has the prettiest printed dresses and clothing! I love everything about this dress from the material (comfy jersey knit)  to the design and colors. When I tried it on I knew I had to have it. I'm a sucker for long sleeves and short skirts (especially ones that tie around the waist). There is a snap that closes up the chest a little more, but I left it undone.. because why not?  SO CUTE.

I paired my Jessica Simpson pink caged booties with it to match the pink, along with my large Tory Burch shoulder bag. PINK PINK PINK- So Carrie. I'm wearing my long white beaded tassel earrings from Baublebar to add a little pop. My glasses are my favorite YSL dupes from ALDO that I got for $15!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day! I've linked some similar Yumi Kim dresses below!

Love, B

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Stairways and Caged Heels


Another Monday!

Hi, guys. Today, I'm feeling fierce AF. Can I just say this is probably one of my favorite looks ever. This is one of those really edgy vibes. I tried to be super serious in a lot of pics, but I always laugh at myself (hence the last pic).  I love T-shirt dresses-mostly because they are super comfy and you can do A LOT with them. Dress it up or down- it is going to look cute! This one is from ZARA and I have to say that ZARA has been killing it lately. Both this purse and the dress are from ZARA actually! I linked a similar, but still hunting for this exact dress online. I was in store when I found it.

My shoes are Steve Madden from a while back. There is something about caged heels that seriously make a statement. These were perfect for this outfit! My sunnies are Celine from Amazon for a great deal because they are out of season! I LOVE when things go "out of season". LOL Fashion always ends up recycling and coming back around in a new way. Like, bell bottoms. From 60's, then 90's, and now we are back....AKA hold onto your things. They'll be back.

PS How do yall like the city vibe? I'm totally digging this! I love this city so much. Houston is truly home. It has really been a city I never knew I would ever live in, but my whole world changed for the better because of my move here.

What are you guys up to this week? I'm so so happy I have my mother and my grandmother staying with us for a visit. They are so helpful! Fisher is getting all the attention and loving it! Remember, Mother's Day is this weekend!

Have a wonderful day!

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Love, B

City Chic


Hey, Babes!

I've been over the moon in love with city chic looks lately. I shot downtown with Stephania Campos again, and she never ceases to amaze me with her work! She certainly knows how to make this mama look good! LOL! There is nothing like city skyline views (especially from a rooftop). This is such an amazing city with amazing people, and when you stand there overlooking downtown it really makes you appreciate being a Houstonian.

I have gotten SO many compliments on this look! The blazer and bow embellished crop top are from Nordstrom. They have the matching pants there too, but I didn't want to be too matchy matchy with the pants. I immediately thought of my white boot cut jeans with this outfit. I threw on my Steve Madden nude pumps to keep the flow of the neutral tones.

My accessories are a mixture from @ShopBellaandBloom (a fav boutique), and @restoredluxury (my upcycled GUCCI bracelet). I am obsessed! My bag is a vintage GUCCI that belonged to my mother. She got this as a gift from her parents when she graduated from high school. THIS THING IS VINTAGE AF. So legit! LOVE vintage pieces! I threw a gold chain on to modernize it and give it some glam. My sunnies are also GUCCI from several seasons ago. (As I'm typing all this out I'm realizing I have an obsession with GUCCI). MY ring set, aside from my wedding ring and bands, are from Jeulia Jewelry. It is a stunning set!

Seriously feeling like an UPTOWN GIRL in this look! I've linked all the goods here! I am heading out to The Upperhand Hair Salon to do a shoot, and cannot wait to share!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Summer Nights


Hey everyone! It's Monday once more and we are off to a new week full of new opportunities!

With work ramping up both in my full time job, blogging, and our side business, I am reaching an all time record for juggling mommy-hood, wife life, and homemaker! My plates are all spinning and so far none have fallen. I am loving life and all that is coming our way! Being busy is what I do!

In case you are wondering, I have gotten several questions about my lips. Yes, I did get a little lip filler done this past Friday! I am LOVING the results, so I just wanted to clarify that because I know I am a little bruised and busted in my stories LOL. If you want to know where the magic happens both for botox (which I got done as well) and the lips, please message me for information. My girl is amazing! I am SO happy those pesky forehead wrinkles are once again put down!

Today, I'm in New Orleans for work. I love this city. Although, I'm here for business I am definitely going to get some pleasure in. Currently just booked a massage and may do a little shopping before we head out to eat some yummy NOLA goodness tonight. If there is time in the day to treat myself I have to take it. You have to make sure you're taken care of so you can take care of everyone around you in your life. I have too many responsibilities to be feeling down or on empty.

My Look

Today's look is the full shoot of what I showed you last Wednesday. I am loving this sexy romper from Free People. This one is all sold out, however, there are plenty rompers and similar looks by this awesome brands that is seriously one of my favorites. I definitely plan on wearing this number for a date night now that the weather is allowing for a little more skin. You could pair this with so many different shoes, and jewelry. Just depends on the look you're going for. I decided to use black accents, so my Steve Madden heels do me right. My earrings are also Free People. Not sure if these are still available, but I found these in store, not online. There's a chance they could still be there!

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead. Let's start this week strong!


Love, B

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Denim on Denim


Happy Friday, everyone!


What a crazy busy week, huh?! I am soo glad it's Friday... I am about to do a whole lot of nothing this weekend (aside from opening up a lot of happy mail!) We have been gone every weekend it seems like, so I am ready for a relaxing next couple days.. What are ya'll going to be up to?

The yard is really coming along and I can't wait to show you all! I've added black and white striped accents. Lounge chair cushions, rugs, and I'm redoing the currents in black and white material as well. They add some privacy from the neighbors. I've also been going nuts planting flowers and they're all really looking beautiful! I'll do a post and pics of everything when we are done!

My Look

I am loving this denim on denim!  I am all about eclectic chic looks, so I threw on these super cute leopard boots by Sam Edelman to top it off. I think everyone needs a fun/crazy look every now and then. The boots are past season and I can't find them to link anywhere, but they were on super sale at Dillards recently!! My bracelet was on sale from Express. My shirt and shorts are also Express. My earrings are from Nordstrom Rack! My little Rebecca Minkoff is, again, coming in clutch! Can't beat this little number! If we go out this weekend you know what I'll be wearing!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Love, B


Ring Around the Rosey!



For some reason the print of this cute little 2 piece reminded me of the ring around the rosey song... LOL.

Today has been one of those days where you feel like you could've done a thousand things, but decided to knock out the most important and necessary. We are leaving for Branson, Missouri on Friday, so I really SHOULD have been getting things done around here. I haven't even unpacked from Dallas! LOL.  Instead, I've been researching other things, catching up on emails, and downloading pictures from the Mackenzie Childs shoot. I had an amazing photographer come out to take pictures (if you're in the Dallas area you should look up Pink Fly Photo when you get a chance!) Misti is amazing! I also (MOST IMPORTANTLY) posted the first session of my new weekly segment, A Glass of Red. Head over to the Busy B tab on the blog every Wednesday (starting today) for some money talk!

For everyone else being productive today I'm clapping at my kitchen table right now for you! Haha. GOOD JOB, BABES! I'm currently awaiting a storm that is supposedly coming, but you know how that can go. It's Houston and we have strange weather. One day we are supposed to have sun, the next we are flooding... so, who really knows. But, the weather was outstanding in Dallas! This romper was the perfect outfit for dinner out. Unfortunately for you guys, I don't have the link to this exact one because I frequently shop boutiques for unique finds.. sorry.. (when I tell you I do this for fun and I don't care if you buy what I'm wearing I'm SERIOUS) I do it for the fashion and hopefully I'm a little inspiring to you. I got a few cute things at an Apricot Lane Boutique in Southlake, Dallas. Let me tell you that these stores have SUPER CUTE THINGS for realistic prices! Some boutiques are outrages, but I found several two piece sets for around $50 each set.. Yea, not per piece.

If you have one near you I recommend checking it out! I also was told that each store is different and carries different items based on the owner and what they order, so no store is the same. Just FYI. My shoes are my go-to Steve Maddens. My bag is my new favorite IT purse, the Tory Burch Flemming Shoulder Bag in Shell Pink! Review for this is coming soon! My earrings are Kate Spade. They are jumbo iridescent studs I bought a while back because they match everything. My sunnies are by Sonix from Nordstrom!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful Wednesday and PLEASE go read the first post to my newest weekly segment, Ä Glass of Red! You won't regret it!

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Love, B

Monday Motivation


Hi babes!

It's Monday and I. AM.TIRED! But, it's that good tired. That "got a good day's work in" tired. That, "I seriously crushed it today" tired. You get the idea...LOL. The baby is asleep, hubs is in the shower, and mama is typing away.. blogging job starts after dark now.

This weekend was beyond amazing. I had the best time with family and shooting in Dallas. It was seriously the best time, and nothing is more refreshing than being around family. Today,  I met with our Houston team for my full time job and went over thorough details in my business plan. My husband and I also went over our own business plans for our side business. Sometimes you wonder what the point is behind creating a business plan. Is it just something everyone does because they have to? Just another chore to complete to check off the boxes in your company?  Actually, I sat back and thought it over for a while and was completely satisfied with having to do these. Business plans help you get organized, stay focused on your goals, and keep you on track. Even if you don't work you can still have a business plan, or plan of action. You can be a stay at home mom (busiest job ever) and NEED to have a business plan.. what needs to get done, appointments, kid's practices, games, dinners for the week... the list goes on. I even have business plans for blogging.. because this is literally a hobby that I have worked extremely hard at and NEEDS me to stay focused! Let's stay focused this week and create our own business plans for this month! I promise you will see a difference in how you work when you literally write (or type) it all out.

This look is a fun one inspired by Dolce and Gabbana. I found this top at Agaci for $30! I check in at Agaci every now and then because they do have cute things for cheap. I found my white cape jacket there and have had the most compliments on it than anything I have ever worn! I recently was scanning through magazines like, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, etc, and saw some DG adds that just blew my mind. I love this season's look, so this blouse was a definite buy because Lord knows paying $1000 for a shirt is not going to be happening any time soon LOL. My jeans are ZARA (linking some similar) and my shoes are wayyyyyy past season by Sam Edelman. I am linking some cute gold heeled sandals though because gold is so on point all the time- in my opinion.

I hope you guys enjoyed your day and if you have any fun and helpful organizational tips that keep you on track at work please let me know! I love hearing new practices!

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29 & Feelin Fine!


Wow. I didn't think about the way I would feel about this day until now that it's here. I'm 29. I'm almost 30. I don't know what bothers me more- the fact that I'm getting older or that 29 ends in "9" (I hate that number)... But, I'm at the final chapter of my 20's! Holy S***!

So, what have I learned? Actually, what haven't I learned? It's literally a journey living from 20-29. You change SO MUCH. Each year brought a new set of responsibilities, adventures, goals, accomplishments, failures, and embarrassments. I grew. I made mistakes (some of which I regret-most I don't). I drank too much, tried dangerous things, took risks, and survived it all. I made friends, boyfriends, exes, and ex-friends. At 21, I was high on life, 6th street rampages, sorority life, and didn't give a damn about a thing (not fully true since I worked my ass off all though college to pay for my education and major in Molecular Bio) But, I still had my fun for sure. At 25, I was anxiety ridden. Panicked about work, life, adulating, making it in the real world, and wondering if I'd ever fully succeed. At 27, I got married. At 28, I had a baby. At 29.. I'm ready for whatever next step comes when you turn 29. LOL. Basically, this marathon is starting to feel like a sprint!

Being a 20-something is a confusing stage. It is so completely full of learning and growing as a person. It's full of the best of times and the worst. It's not until I hit 27-28 did I start to feel like I had this whole 'adulting' thing down. I started to become who I really am and everything before that feels like a blur.. I'm a completely different person now than the girl who took off with her crew to Austin at 11pm from Seguin, but still would wake up for our 8'0clock class (because we were smart girls who partied but cared about our grades too). I graduated with my B.S in Molecular Biology and I moved to Houston in 2012 for a job. It was my ticket to the rest of my life, and deep down I knew that and took it. * First phase of being an adult accomplished* I met Kirk and we immediately clicked together like we had been looking for each other all along and didn't know it. I had found the real deal. *Second phase of being an adult accomplished* We got a house together *Boom-3rd phase* We got married *4th phase* We had a baby *5th phase*... I'm on a roll here, people! .

I'm just now hitting my stride and still learning new things. God has blessed me with so many amazing gifts. I'm a wife to the greatest man and the mother to the most beautiful little boy. I could never have predicted making it here with all this.. I may be a tad bit sad that my 20's are coming to an end, but that also means I'm another year wiser and ready to take on anything! So much has happened, but there is SO much more left to happen. Looking forward to the greatest year yet!

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Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Love, B


Feeling Bold in Spring Skinnies!


Hey yall!

It's Monday again. I'm not going to pretend I don't already miss the weekend, but I am going to face this week with a fresh new start! I want to talk about living confidently and working outside of our comfort zones. I'm partially writing this just for my own accountability in doing this, myself!

So, I've been feeling like I've been playing it safe for a while now. Only working in the realms of where I'm most comfortable. Making moves I'm familiar with to get to where I want to be in life both financially and as Christian wife and mom. Well, that is exactly my problem. I'm trying to move up while staying comfortable when realistically you aren't going to go anywhere but laterally if you use this method. There is NO way you can grow and develop yourself and your life if you stick to what you know.

To move up you have to expand outside the box you make for yourself. We do the same things day after day to make it to the weekend, or make it to the next pay check, or make it to another quarter. Skating by to keep up with the necessary. You've just created your box. Break out of that by trying new things, asking new questions, taking on new challenging jobs, learning new things, and accepting new responsibilities. You'll feel stronger, more knowledgeable and ready for the new levels of life. I need to break out of my box and start living outside of my comfort zone. From now on, I'm not going to be afraid of judgement from the status quo, rejection, or failures that may come from me trying new approaches. I am just going to DO. DO, DO DO until I get a YES, an acceptance, a success, a new customer, a new business partner... Let's just get out there and freaking go for it!

My Look

I'm feeling pretty bold in these floral print skinnies I found at Anthropologie! Love that place. They always have unique and beautiful things. My necklace is from there as well. My top is H&M and I've linked several other colors. My shoes are Steve Madden and my purse is Rebecca Minkoff!

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A Rosey Romper

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

I'm here in sunny California..... JUST KIDDING LOL. This was shot in Houston! Can you believe it?! I was out in City Center for this shoot with the amazing Stephania Campos. I love how beautiful this city is, especially in the Spring! I cannot believe how amazing the flowers grow here.. Whoever plants all the flowers at the shopping centers around town needs to come to our house! Only downside is all the pollen and the fact that I now have a yellow car.

We have some friends in town tonight visting from Florida, so we are planning a fun night out on the town! I think it's well deserved after a week like mine.. I'm ready for some down time! But, nothing makes me feel more ready for the weekend than this fun romper! I am in love with all things floral and bright right now!

I have searched high and low for the link to this exact romper, but I can't find it anywhere, so I'm linking some that are equally cute! This one is from Nordstrom and I found it on sale.. the last size small, so it was meant to be! I love finding things on sale for you guys, but that is the downside of doing so because I often times can't find them to link! My wedges are BCBG from last year and this color goes with everything! My Louis Vuitton is my favorite bag and my go to. I topped it off with my Gucci sunnies and my favorite floral hoops from Express!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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Love, B

Spring Chic



Wow. I feel like I'm dragging my body over the finish line today... it is Monday after all LOL!

I spent the day with my manager and I may just be exhausted because I was SO nervous. Not just because he's my manager, but because I had my boss in my car all day...judging my skills, watching my every move, seeing how I talk to my customers...Guess I was nervous for nothing because it ended up being a really great and productive day! (I may have prayed about it the night before :D) He really is a great manager!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Monday! I am looking forward to a very busy week. I still need to put up my Poshmark closet, close a few deals in the side business, hustle through my schedule for my full time job, and be mom and wife. But, for now, I'm taking one item at a time, the baby is asleep, I'm having a mimosa, and typing up this post. Blogging is relaxing to me. I love sitting down and emptying my brain to all my friends. It's like free therapy. If you want to empty your brain onto me please do so, I'd love to hear you out!

Let's talk about this outfit!

I brunched with the sweetest blogger babes on Saturday (hopefully you saw my stories!) We had the best time at the chic-est little placed called, Emmaline. It's new and in the Montrose area. If you haven't been I highly recommend it. Not only does it look cute, but the drinks are amazing and the food is wonderful!

I love anything black and white striped! This top is from Nordstrom and is the cutest little thing! I paired it with some shredded jeans from Zara and my BCBG wedges. I could've played it safe and worn black shoes, but who likes safe?! This camel color pops and makes a big announcement.. just like my very seasonal Louis Vuitton that I only bust out during Spring and Summer months. Those bright roses are not for the faint of heart! Also wearing my Celine sunnies and the CUTEST earrings from Anthropologie I have EVER SEEN. Sorry, but Anthro is legit when it comes to having the best most unique jewelry!! Hands down! *My wedges are BCBGeneration from last year at Dillards, so I can't find them anywhere to link* Sorry loves!!!!

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Romping through Town Center


Hey babes!

It is starting to feel amazing outside again! The plants are blooming, birds are singing, and my yard is starting to look more lively and not so apocalyptic after this year's random snow. Would've been nice to have  killed off all the mosquitos.. wishful thinking I guess. It's feeling like Spring and  I love this time of year!  What I love most about it is trading those winter clothes for some fun new Springy styles. It's a whole new season to have fun with!

Being that it's Wine Wednesday I thought I would share a little of my adventures out in Sugarland the other day. I happened to meet Paul Killingsworth, owner of Vino & Vinyl in Town Center. It is such a fun place selling vinyl records and my favorite alcoholic beverage in the universe. It has such a neat vibe! Paul informed me that they have one of the best chefs in all of Fort Bend County and will soon be serving brunch with mimosa flights... This means, I will be coming back very soon. Although I didn't get to taste any of the good stuff being as they were closed when we were inside visiting I will definitely be back with the girls for a fun wine night, or brunch!

What I'm Wearing

I just recently ordered this romper (style: Floral Fever-in light blue) from @shopbellaandbloom. It's the cutest little boutique and owned by blogger, @katlynmaupin. I actually ordered some DY inspired bracelets from her shop as well! I am all about supporting fellow female entrepreneurs!   I've gotten a lot of rompers in the past that don't fit me quite as well as I would like, but this one is very flattering! The bottom is just the right length- not too long and not too short. I'm obsessed with the ruffled cap sleeves and the print is so bright and cheerful! I am attracted to blue hues...

I decided to pair this with my clear Steve Madden heels because I am digging all things clear right now, and I also didn't want my shoes to take away from the romper. It almost gives a pointed barefoot vibe... LOVING. The David Yurman-esk style bracelets were too cute. They match with everything being that they are two tone (just like a lot of DY's stuff), so I will be mixing and matching all season long! I went with a simple earring (my oversized pearl studs) because I was aiming for minimal being best. The romper speaks a thousand words!

My bag is Tory Burch and although it is from a past season I am linking some different styles in the same color. This is such a fresh color that is perfect for Spring and Summer. Tory is one of my all time favorite brands. I don't know about you, but I get a very 70's vibe from her...She is so chic....I have my eyes on one of her Flemming bags.

I hope you go take a peek at @shopbellaandbloom! Katyln has some cute stuff in there perfect for right now!

If you have any questions about anything in the post let me know! Otherwise, go grab yourself a glass of wine and relax!

Love, B

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Link to my romper!





Designer Detective


I've been getting so many questions about my Gucci oversized sunnies that I thought I would write up a little something about how I find my designer goods for a great price!

These particular sunnies retail for about $360-$400. They can be found full price with various styles at Nordstrom and are the 54mm oversized square Gucci sunglasse (see link below) I LOVED these and if I totally couldn't wait to have them I may pay that for a good pair.. HOWEVER, I can wait because I'm a bargain addict. I started researching online at various places.. I find great designer goods (including these Gucci sunglasses) on Amazon and Ebay. These were on Amazon for $175 and they are completely legit, authentic, and certified. This may seem iffy, but just read the reviews, see what they say about authenticity, check the seller stats. The company that sold mine through Amazon is an eyewear company, so they had a great reputation and real designer goods. I have the link to these below!

There are other great places to grab designer goods (other than sunnies)  like, Tradesy, Poshmark, Fashionphile, and The Real Real. For glasses I will almost always go with Amazon/Ebay because they are still marked pretty high at the others. Tradesy is great for bags, but honestly, Fashionphile is where I have been going-and they have great jewelry as well! #Chanel

If you're a bargain hunter like me with a taste for designer fashion try these resources out! I find so many awesome deals! Also, if you have any questions on how I type in products to search for them on Amazon / Ebay message me- I''ll be happy to help you look for whatever you've got your eye on!

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