Filtering the Frivolous

Sooooo if you read my 6 S's to Success in the New Year post you saw that one of those S's was Saving Money! We have been working with a financial planning group in the Galleria area that we love, and they have really brought to light the importance of planning now, and where we have some major work to do. We have learned things we never knew we needed to know! I am not good with money, and have been trying my best to be better. The whole process really has gotten me thinking about my weak areas, and where I can improve. With that said, I think there is a lot of money I'm ready to stop throwing away. I wrote out an entire list of everything going out of my account each month ( I suggest you do the same because my eyes almost fell out of my head). OOPS.

Now, I'm not literally throwing money away.. I've been spending it on frivolous things I really don't need, and I could do better on finding better deals with things we DO need. Here are some things I'm purging from my spending habits that are just not cutting it anymore:

1. Re-evaluating my auto draft payments and subscriptions. Have ya'll just taken a look at how many things we have on auto pay? Everything is on auto draft it seems like these days, and low and behold... I found several things I needed to cut. Ex) A few magazine subscriptions from a LONG time ago... wow.

2. My eyelash extension membership. I know this sounds so vain to have a membership for lashes, but it made sense at the time to have one for refills whenever I wanted. I'm done with it.. it has become more of a pain in the butt to make the time (that doesn't exist) to make an appointment to go over there and sit there for an hour for a refill.... it's hard enough to try and squeeze in time to get my nails done! Instead, I've invested in a good lash serum that I found on Amazon with a good 6k reviews. I can't wait to see the results and let you know if this stuff is worth it. It was only $29!

3. I just cancelled my Mister Car Wash membership. The weather in Houston (TX in general) is crazy, so Kirk and I both got unlimited car wash passes. He uses his EVERYDAY while I hardly have the time to make it over to a location because I am usually driving all over the place for cases. It just doesn't make sense for me. And besides, I enjoy a little sun tan time washing my own car in the driveway..bring on the summer already!

4. If you're like me you probably have a hefty school loan debt...if you don't I'm super jealous. I have quite a bit to pay off  and I am so sick of the ridiculous interest rates! I am researching information on getting my loans refinanced through SoFi. If you have used them before please let me know about your experience!

5. My company is sending us fleet vehicles for work now, so unfortunately, I have to sell my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee...I love that thing! However, it will save me in the long run. I pay almost $750 a month on a car payment. Is that not ridiculous?! Sometimes I wonder what went on in my brain to think that was ok.. That's $750 back in my pocket. If you travel for work ask about benefits and incentives they may be able to provide you if you're driving your own car! Sometimes companies give you an allowance each month.

6. I've created a daily budget for myself for meals and snacks when I'm out in the field. I'm really going to cut back on my Starbucks runs. Is it really that good of coffee?? Sure, I suppose..but if you spend the $$$ for a Venti Latte everyday it really starts to add up. Personally, I love carrying my cute mugs around with my own brew from home. I also suggest you try a McDonald's latte-don't laugh they're actually really good! I get a reg latte with NO flavor (I don't like it too sweet) and it's at LEAST half the price as Starbucks (and I think it tastes great!). A win win for a girl on the go who's also on a budget....and caffeine addicted.


7. I've been using my makeup to the last drop. Too many times I would see my contour pallets almost gone and jump to go buy my refill. I wanted to see how long this one would last if I didn't refill right away.. It has lasted me another 4 months AND GOING. I'm also using  up all the makeup in my drawer I have left on the back burner. There are a lot of samples and minis that are just going to get thrown away if I don't use them now. I found a few new favs!

8. I have recently been super focused on selling my artwork. I didn't even bother for years because 1) I didn't have the time to invest in promoting them 2) I didn't think they were that great 3) It was just a fun hobby

Now, I'm taking orders, gaining clients,  and really enjoying painting and making people happy! It also helps to have a little extra income from it. If you have a hobby think about getting on Etsy! It never hurts to try and sell your creations because you never know what can turn up from it!

9. I am paying more attention to my grocery shopping. Usually, I just go in with a list and buy up things I think we need along with what we actually need. I'm a distracted shopper I guess. I also didn't really pay attention to the cost of products..if we need laundry soap then there it is, and if it smells good then into the cart it goes... Instead, we have been ordering online comparing prices in the store. HEB has a curbside pick up where we grab our order once it's ready. A lot of grocery stores are doing this now and I hear even Amazon is getting in on it. We have brought our usual grocery bill of around $150-200 down to $80-$90.... INSANE.


10. Overall... I really have to have some self control and ask myself, "do I really need this and/or, can I find it somewhere else for a better $$$?" Doing a little more research before throwing down the cash will definitely help! I'm going to keep a log of what I spend on the avg month before the purge, and make a comparison after. Let's see how much I can save!

Have a great weekend!!

Love, B