A Glass of Red: Fear of Failure


Happy Wineday! Oops.. I mean, Wednesday. Whatever.

Today, let's chat about the fear of failure.. FAILURE. Such a morbid term in a lot of people's books. However, in mine, failure is welcome to tag along on my journey... You need failure to reach success. This goes  financially, in business, in relationships, etc.

It is totally normal to fear failure. Everyone does because, let's be honest, who wants to lose at something? We try so hard for success and society today is very cut throat. In reality, we  don't win EVERYTHING all the time, but we damn sure try to. We do fail, but the important thing is how you are able to fail and grow from that failure. Failure is only a temporary situation. Just because you fail at a business or a job doesn't mean you are absolutely worthless and will never succeed in your position. Failure is a learning curve. You need to feel and know failure very well to learn from your mistakes.

How do we achieve failure? Achieve failure????? Hold up. Failure isn't what we want to achieve.. right?! Wrong. I strive for failure because that tells me I am on the right track. It means I'm trying, I'm taking risks.. Guess what else? I seek rejection too. For every " NO" I get, I know a "YES" is right around the corner. I know that for every "NO", it doesn't mean No forever it just means, "Not right now". All these things; rejection, fails, No's, pushback.... you don't get these things sitting around doing nothing. You get these things moving in a direction and whether or not that direction is the right one- you find out through fails which will correct you and put you on the RIGHT path.

When you think about life THIS way.. you become something FAILURE is afraid of.. FEARLESS. When you turn it around and make failure fear you... you become unstoppable. SO, although this post is really not about money, savings, making money etc.... it actually is! Because when you understand this concept you gain so much back in your business, your work, your life... You shouldn't fear to fail.. you should make failure fear you..

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