A Glass of Red: Rejection Handling


Another Wednesday! I feel like my week has flown by. That's probably because I was in NOLA the past 2 days... Oh well, here we go again! Let's pour a glass!

Today I'm talking about everyone's favorite thing.. REJECTION. LOL. I don't care what business you're in or not. Rejection is something that we ALL face. Whether your a blogger being rejected by a  big brand you pitched, a sales rep, or even a mom! I literally get so butt hurt when I have my arms open to Fisher and he wants Daddy... like, WTF? I'm mama!!! #rejected

It doesn't feel good, but we all need it. A little taste of "no" gets us all going and keeps us driven for the 'yes". I have my theory on rejection too. I don't believe that when you get a NO it really means NO. And, no, I'm not that annoying person who keeps asking and asking for the business. I think NO actually means, Not right now. I think there is always a chance that person will come around. Maybe they need more information about the services you're offering. Maybe they need to see the pitch from a different perspective. Maybe they just need TIME to think about it.

Think of it this way. If for every NO you received and left that person to themselves forever afterwards and never checked up on them again to see what more info they needed, imagine all the possible ÝES's you'd be leaving on the table. I also don't think it is a bad thing to be straight up with people and ask them to their face why they are telling you NO. Ask what they need. Ask them why they aren't interested. You may be able to further explain the business and show them exactly what they needed to get you that YES.

There have been so many situations Kirk and I have faced that started with rejection and ended with YES. You just need to see and investigate the needs of your customers. We get rejected sometimes. We all do. But, you can't give up when you get a NO. For every No there is a YES. Our business is to help others and that is what keeps us going everyday. That is why our team is growing, why we are heading to the top, and how we got invited to the company's Platinum Retreat.

If someone gives you a hard NO after you have given all the info you can, be respectful. Don't be overbearing and pushy. That is not what you are there to do. At the end of the day a business offers a service. Services are there to help other people, or give people something. Polite is key if you want to save your reputation. Handling rejection is a part of everyday life and business!

Please let me know if you need anymore tips on this topic, or if you have a tricky situation you've been dealing with regarding rejection. I love bouncing ideas off one another! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Love, B