A Glass of Red: Selling with Integrity



I'm currently still not wearing makeup (slightly afraid to wear any after the microdermabrasion yesterday), and having a glass of Rose. I know it's not red... pink is close enough though! LOL.

Today, I'm talking about selling with integrity. It's a different side to business and money that we sometimes don't think about all the time, but is super important. When we stop selling with dollar signs in our eyes and start selling with the drive to truly and genuinely help others, then the money will begin flowing in. This is a whole entirely different way of thinking than the traditional rush, push, and hurry to get the sell we need to make a number, or to reach our quota.

This is really where you want to take a step back and switch gears. For instance, there have been several occasions where I was in a procedure room with a physician and told them NOT to use my product. It wasn't the best tool for that particular patient. I knew I wouldn't get the sell THAT day. However, because I was honest and was selling with integrity, I completely surprised the doc and he respected me more. He now uses my products even when I'm not present in the room..which is fantastic. I sold with integrity and now I am being rewarded 10 fold.

Kirk and I have applied this way of thinking to our business and it has made it so much easier. It makes so much sense because what we are REALLY doing is helping people save and make money. It is for THEIR benefit. The results from integrity selling here has proven itself. We have gained major traction here in Houston and were just recently invited to the Platinum Retreat. This is a weekend with the best in the business who invited us to come trade best practices and learn to enhance our business tactics,  all while staying at a huge mansion on the lake in Arkansas. It is truly an honor to be invited and I am so excited to stay with some major winners who also have the same mindset in integrity selling as we do. Helping others in this business is how they reached success. When you think about it.. it just makes sense.

This way of thinking can relate to so many other situations besides business. When someone knows you actually care about them as a person that makes a difference! So, when you feel like you've hit a plateau , a slump, a snag in your revenue... ask yourself one question.. Are you selling with integrity? It will change your whole game.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic- I'd love to hear from you!

Love, B