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Tote Savvy

Tote Savvy


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Well, I meant to post this Wednesday, but it was late in the afternoon by the time I got back into town from our meeting in Fredericksburg, and all I wanted to do was snuggle my baby boy!!

I wanted to show you some helpful things I keep in my purse! I am constantly on the go and like all you busy mamas we literally throw stuff in our purses, and jet out the door! I have so many bags I am constantly rotating out. My backpack for work, my purse, diaper can get crazy. Lately, I have been using my large GM Neverfull as my everyday purse. I love having a large bag to have EVERYTHING I could possibly need while out and about. I've always loved big bags.. Call me Mary Poppins LOL.

When I'm on the go with baby in tow I always insert my Tote Savvy...This thing is freaking amazing!! One of my best friends, Rachel, introduced me to Tote Savvy, and I haven't looked back. It is such a genius concept. Any tote bag/purse can easily turn into a diaper bag! There are a ton of pockets for every single thing you would need for baby. Diapers, meds, wipes, my diaper baggies, and even my car keys clip onto the little hook attached. No need to dig for those (because somehow those always find their way to the bottom of the bag). It even comes with a diaper changing pad, and its all in red that matches the interior of my purse. Tote Savvy comes in various other colors as well.

When I'm out running errands I always have some nuts, pistachios, or granola bars with me. I am always hungry, and sometimes a girl just needs to snack in her car (you should see my car console..its like a pantry). My cases are also vary in time. Sometimes they run past lunch and the granola bars SAVE MY LIFE.

As far as beauty products go I always have a mini dry shampoo bottle. My hair gets oily fast and since I don't believe in washing your hair EVERY single day (more like every 2), I keep this baby in the purse. I LOVE dry shampoo and it has kept my hair looking great! I also keep a tube of nude lip stain on hand. Nude looks good on everyone and even on days when I don't have makeup on I ALWAYS have nude lipstick and mascara. I also like to keep a little blush sometimes in the mix too. Rice paper is also in the bag, although, I haven't had to use it much since I switched foundations! I keep bobbi pins and my FAV hair tie (which actually looks like a car key ring). It keeps your hair up WITHOUT creasing it! I'm constantly having to put my hair up in a scrub cap at work, so this is super helpful!

Of course, the usual items are also in there..gum.. I keep an extra phone charger.. You NEVER know where you could be when you need to re-up. Hand sanitizer, Motrin, allergy meds...

Well, that about sums it up! What do you keep in your bag that keeps you sane on the daily?! I have some room to add a little more!

Have a great day!


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