How to Overcome Being a Prisoner of Negativity

I was in a small dark place not long ago. A prison. I could feel bars all around me and the more I thought about it the more the walls would come inching closer towards me until I couldn’t move. It was paralyzing to think about and so absolutely real. Where was this terrible prison? It was all in my head.

Most days in life really aren't bad. In fact, life is actually pretty damn good. But, it’s those days in life, or maybe even weeks, or months, where something debilitating creeps in and ruins the party. It’s called, Negativity, and it lives in each one of us. It’s stronger in some of us than others and can take over your entire life if you let it. There was a time in my life that I let it take over me as well.

I enjoyed my job. I was a Clinical Sales Specialist for multiple companies and loved being in the healthcare field and in all the action. I was pre-med in college, so this was totally up my alley. But, one day the small company I was with was acquired by another much larger one. I wasn’t let go, but was now required to sell and educated staff on new products that I absolutely had no interest in. I was also disturbed by the new culture brought in from the bigger company. Not everyone was a total jerk, but….. pretty much the majority. Especially, my new manager. YAY. Perfect.

Right from the start he had a hard time believing in me, yet I had proven myself plenty in my past accomplishments. I was #2 in the company at my previous job, had ranked top 10% in the U.S in my current company (before we were acquired), and had 6 years experience under my belt. Despite that, he still had it in his mind I wasn’t “clinical enough” . Hmm. Strange. This pissed me off on a daily basis. Negativity building…Because of this I just didn't feel as though I could relate to him whatsoever. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to chat about goals or weekly appointments. I also started getting some major mom guilt because of my being away from home constantly. I was having to travel to New Orleans every month on top of covering all of Houston, so this was wearing me down as well as a mother. My son was closer to my nanny and mother in law than ME (or else it felt that way- we are always so hard on ourselves, moms). I kept feeling more and more imprisoned, negative, and depressed as the weeks went on. I told myself, “maybe I can’t do this”, “I don’t know if I could be good enough”, “ What if I can’t get into something else that ‘s better?”…

Finally, I had had enough. It was like an epiphany one day. I woke up and thought “ Who in the hell is this guy (my manager) to make ME feel this way? I know my worth. I know I’m better than this. I know I can do much greater than this”. I freaking peaced OUT. Sent my letter of resignation and started planning my new strategies for career goals. Obviously this came after many discussions with Kirk about leaving my job and fortunately for us we had already been running a successful side business that allowed me to up and leave.

Of course, it was difficult for my pride to let go of my career. I was a working woman and Kirk has only known me as such. I don’t consider myself a quitter. I stayed in the game for as long as I could stand it. I learned some things about myself and I actually couldn’t be more proud of myself. I learned some things about other people as well. You can’t always please everyone. Some people are just difficult to deal with, or just straight up don’t like you. I mean… that’s real life. I let the negativity imprison me and take over my life until I was seriously so miserable I couldn't take it anymore. But, you can’t let it do that to you. You were meant for greater, bigger, and better things. You cannot put a monetary value on what your WORTH is. You are priceless.

I’m now the owner of my own business alongside my husband. Our business is to serve and help others, and there’s nothing more empowering than that. I’m in charge of my own destiny, career, and LIFE. I work at home and can see my son every single day. I go out and hold meetings with new potential customers, hold ZOOMS, and spread the information behind our business that can help people who are in the same place that I was. I LOVE what I do now and I’m so confident in it that we have decided this is what I will be doing for the long term. I’m excited to see what investments and business opportunities await down the line. I’m also a network marketing influencer and lifestyle blogger. I surround myself with passions that make me happy and I’m making a business out of it. What was a hobby blogging has become another stream of income. There is so much to be thankful for, but what fulfills me is helping others break out of their negativity prisons.

So, if you’re where I was I want you to close your eyes and say, “God has a plan for me and holds me in his hands. He knows what lies ahead, knows I’m deserving of greatness, and wants the best for me”. Then, think about three things:

  1. What’s your biggest dream?

  2. What would you like your dream job to be?

  3. What or who is the most important in your life?

What if I told you you could have all 3 of those things right now all at once. My biggest dream is to live on some land in a custom home and have residual income. My dream job was to do something I enjoyed as my own boss and my family is the most important to me in my life. We are inching closer to our goal of our land and dream home, and residual income. I’m living my dream job. You see, there is much more for you than they tell you there is. If you’re ready to break free from your prison click the link below. You can also send me an email, comment below your email, or DM via Instagram or FB. I’m ready to help!