A Glass of Red: Submit to Your Surroundings


Hello everyone! 


OMG does it feel good to FINALLY be back in the saddle over here on the site! WOW. It has been way too long. Writing is just so relaxing to me. Especially, when it is to you guys and it's about sharing things I love! I appreciate your patience!  

So, today on A Glass of Red, I wanted to discuss the importance of submitting to your surroundings. What does that even mean? Well, basically you need to have a relaxing atmosphere somewhere in your house or nearby that you can work in. You need to have a place to go, a refuge, a sanctuary where you can literally sit down, focus, and work. Some of my best work comes from me sitting in my office or outside near the pool with the water feature on, and I can just zone in on my projects. This picture of me is old from my meeting in San Antonio, but I wanted to share it here because that resort is absolutely stunning and I was so inspired by just being there! Here Is an example of my favorite things to do when I am  getting ready to sit down for a work sesh: 

Beforehand, I decided where I want to work. It is usually somewhere quiet with the TV off and no distractions. I am the type of person who cant even have Pandora on in the background because I get distracted with the music. I then, clean the area. I will pick up odds and ends, baby things, pet beds, toys, and put away anything that could possibly get in my way. I make the area smell good. This one is so key to me because, well, maybe I'm OCD about a few things, but my work space HAS to smell clean and fresh. I will also light candles and have a few lamps on. I don't work under overhead lighting.... that is so annoying to me for some reason. It's always tinted so oddly and its too much at once. I like to feel my eyes focus in on the screen I'm looking at. I will also make sure I, myself, am comfortable. Sometimes that means I need to go take a bath, get in my jammies, and come back down with a glass of wine to begin a really good comfy work sesh. 

You also have to have an area dedicated to your concentration. Even if you don't have an office space, maybe, go work in a guest bedroom, or a little nook in the kitchen! Wherever your work space may be make sure you have no distractions. This can be sooooo hard for each of us as we all have our own crazy households, but do try and have YOU time to focus. My optimal time is when Fisher goes down for the night at 7pm. I now have so much time to relax and catch up on projects. I have certain times of the day I work on the blog and social media now, and my new schedule consists of actual work hours. I will allow myself to be on it from 730-5pm. Once I'm home the phone is put away until Fisher goes to bed, and if I must, I will wrap up a few open items. I usually always work in my office because the AC, no mosquitos, and I have it looking organized and pretty in there. Surround yourself with beautiful things, favorite quotes, and inspiring colors. It will REALLY make all the difference!

If you need more tips on finding the best place to work in your home drop me a DM or comment and I will be happy to help you! I hope you all have a wonderful evening and, once again, I am SO thrilled to be back!


Love, B