A Glass of Red: Business and Family


Hi guys!

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! I have to say I practice what I preach LOL!

This segment of A Glass of Red is talking all about work/life balance with family. This is probably the question I get the most: How do you do it all? How do you balance being a mom, career woman, blogger, and support your side businesses? Well, to be honest.... ITS SO HARD. I do feel that sometimes I spread myself too thin, and that is when you have to put the phone down, stop scrolling through the emails, and just grab the baby and hold him tight. Usually when I start feeling like I'm over doing it.. I am. I do put a lot of focus on my work, but more importantly, I will always put my son and family first. This can be hard to do sometimes with all of the obligations we take on in our jobs.

I will tell you that if you call me around 530pm or so....I probably won't answer. I literally disconnect from the world of work when I get home. I don't check my emails, answer work calls or texts (aside from blogging things when the baby is asleep). I drop everything to be with my son. We go for a walk when dad gets home, play, eat dinner, and then before I know it... its time for a bath, bottle, then bed. I don't really get all the much time with him after work, so I do my best to be 100% all in focus for him. My mother and grandmother came into town this week, and they noticed me and my phone are like of the same body. I felt so guilty.. So, last night.. the blog post was put on hold and the phone turned off. I didn't mind at all. I would do anything to make my family happy.

One MAJOR piece of the picture I'm currently working on is our side business. This is an UNBELIEVEABLE opportunity that is going to give us time and financial freedom, and so far, we are rolling! Our Houston team is growing at an incredible rate which will seriously repay us in me being able to walk away from my full time job in about a year or so... and be receiving exponential residual income forever. Yes, I'm retiring sooner than expected because of this amazing business, and I couldn't be more excited. Talk about family being first when we get to that point!

My tips for balancing family and work:

1) Give yourself a hard deadline for working everyday. If 5pm is when your day ends... make sure that you turn yourself off from work at 5pm. I know this can be so hard for you workaholics! LOL

2) Ask for help. Get on Thumbtack, Home Advisor, or another service app to get home help. The time you spend trying to do Honey Do chores on the weekends is time away from your family. Sometimes it's better to bite the bullet and pay someone else to spend that time to fix it, so you free your hands.

3) Most importantly, reach out to me about our business. We help people reach their financial goals, and if you're looking for time freedom for you and your family this opportunity is for you! Like I said before.. I am considering early RETIREMENT from my medical sales position! That is insane! I cannot think of anything else in the world that could give that option to anyone, except for this company!

I hope you all take a well deserved breather and snuggle your loved ones a little tighter today!

Love, B