How to Create New Business: Ways to Successfully Cultivate New Clients and Opportunities

How to Create New Business: Ways to Successfully Cultivate New Clients and Opportunities

It's delivery day... you know the feeling. That feeling when your new shoes are finally arriving! You've tracked these babies through shipping from start to finish... YOU ARE PUMPED! Driving up to the house you see the package sitting there... like an old friend waiting to welcome you home. YES! There is a certain satisfaction I get to open the box, fight through the wrappings, and hold the new additions in my hands... maybe even smell them LOL. All I can look forward to now is the chance to wear them!

This is the same excitement I feel about creating new business. There is a feeling of nostalgia in knowing you have closed a customer, got the "YES", won the business, became a new partner... whatever the case may be.. it feels good to WIN, doesn't it?!?!? YES. Why? Because it is something that we have worked for. We wanted it the whole time. It means, money, recognition, and praise. This is the addiction...and what a great one to have. 

It is CRUCIAL to always be growing, thinking, learning, to enhance your business. Continue the development because at the end of the day you have got to always be evolving in order for your business to survive. Everyone else around you is, and so do you. In order to continue to thrive you MUST pursue, pursue, pursue. Here are some ways in which I have found great success in gaining, maintaining, and discovering new and continuous business:

1. Networking

I put this one first because it is extremely important to always be throwing your feelers out and meeting new people. You never know who could be at the next event, dinner meeting, or just down the street! You would be amazed at the people you can run into at the grocery store that would be interested in what you're selling, or may even know someone that would buy from you. I meet all kinds of guys and gals at blogging events (when time allows), in trainings, hospitals, you name it. I also suggest signing up for upcoming events in your community. Look up Facebook groups, as well! Everyone you meet can open up a new door. 

2. Open Your Mouth

TALK to people! You never know what someone knows until you talk to them. I talk to everyone in my accounts. There was one time where I had stopped in the hall to check some emails and the janitor walked by. We got into conversation after exchanging "hellos", and come to find out he knew every doctor and who I should go talk to. You just never know what important information can come out of someone unless you speak up. Always have your business cards ready to hand out after the conversation.

3. Questions

Ask questions! Facebook groups, people… these are golden! Talk to current customers about things they want to see more of, what their needs are, etc. Honestly, I am just very straight up with my customers. "What am I not doing that you need me to do?" The more straight up the questions the more honest feedback I get. This usually leads to forcing me to think outside the box and find ways to make my customers happy.. a lot of times I am able to make more sales. Another good tactic I do is I will as my peers what THEY think I could improve on. I ask questions like this to gain constructive criticism to change or enhance my skillsets.

4. Make a LIST

Make a list of goals and new customers. Think about who you target audience is, who you are dreaming of having as a customer, and write down the goals you have associated with that list. This helps put things in perspective and can get you going in one particular direction. You need to be focused. 

5. Just Do Your Best

Not all things go to plan. But, always make sure you are doing the VERY best you can in anything that you do. If all else fails and you hit a slump at least your reputation as a hard working, never ceasing, go getting, BOSS is something that will definitely keep you on the radar with potential new customers and business! People will not work with those who are.. for lack of a better term.. “slackers”. Run with guns blazing!

The list could go on and on and on. I love brainstorming and thinking with you guys on how we can all help each other become more successful. Please drop a comment below for your take on how to create new business and grow opportunities!

Have a wonderful rest of your night!

Love, Britny