A Glass of Red: Battling Anxiety at Work


Hi guys! 

SO, last night a few too many glasses of red were being had  rather than typing up this post! LOL My bad, but this girl needed a little break! 

I wanted to talk to you guys about something serious. ANXIETY. It looks as ugly as it sounds when you say it. In fact, it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I've been a worry wart all my life, and behind this smiling face is sometimes the face of anxiety. In this day and age it seems as though everyone is struggling with the same thing. Money. The root of most anxiety. Gotta pay those bills! Work, stress/pressure from work, relationships, fears of failing, insecurities... these are all things that go through my own head day to day. I don't really think about it. I am fully aware and understand that I suffer from severe anxiety. Maybe even a little bit of depression. But, because I am aware I make sure and take steps to keep myself grounded. Like I said- I've been going through this all my life. I've faced the music that this is just WHO I am. It's in my DNA to worry and have anxiety. My mother suffers from it, her mother as well, and my sister. All three have been on anti-anxiety/anti-depressant meds. I have never taken the plunge to get on medication. It may actually help me, but I'm personally fighting going that route. I do feel this is something that can be hereditary. 

The reason I am opening up to you about this is I don't ever want you guys to think that you are the only one going through things like this. I seriously am just another person facing the same things you guys do day in and day out. There are TONS of people who suffer from anxiety and I will be the first one to raise my hand to say I am one of them. I also wanted to share that there are a few things I do to allow myself some relief from anxiety when/if I can. It's hard to make it work sometimes, but I do TRY and take these steps: 

1. Relax! - This sounds so dumb because if you're an anxiety sufferer like me, when someone tells you to relax you almost immediately think either a) yea freaking right b) shut up you have no idea what I'm dealing with, or c) TELL ME HOW. I've tested a few things out over the years and I have found FOR ME that if I paint, shop, get creative, read magazines, or seriously go get a massage I am MUCH more relaxed. I'm sure it's different for everyone. 

2. Be proactive - I know that I have anxiety, so I will be proactive in different ways to help myself. I have gone to get things off my chest and talk to a psychiatrist/counselor (THIS HELPS SOOO MUCH). I have also downloaded a few apps that help me meditate. I am really digging the Breathe App. I listen to it at night to help me go to sleep when my mind starts wandering/worrying. I also find that when I make the effort to go work out I am so much more relaxed. I feel better all around! 

3. Positive affirmations. I know this sounds silly, but say out loud some positive affirmations. Look up some on pinterest if that helps. Find an uplifting podcast. Anything out loud and live you can say or listen to everyday to help you overcome your anxiety. It truly helps! I have been listening to The Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher and Unshakeable by Tony Robbins.. these are more about learning how to be successful and self betterment which for me makes me feel super empowered and pumped up! 

4. Go to church. The most important piece of advice. You can't handle all the loads of today alone. Give it ALL to God. He is always there for you to help you. When I go to Sunday service I always feel relieved and ready for the week ahead. 

My stress and anxiety can really affect the way I work and how I get things done on a daily basis. Fighting anxiety during work, or even worse, having anxiety because of work, can really mess you up. I know this feeling very well. I have a lot of pressures from work that are the roots of my anxieties. However, I know that if I keep my steps in mind I can alleviate a lot of the stress and keep my mind focused on my job- what pays the bills. For those stresses caused my job- I literally have to tell myself that I can only do what I can do. I can do my absolute best and that is it. I will go above and beyond for success, but for things that are out of my control... It's out of my control.. I fully accept that. 

Recently, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain passed away to suicide. It is terrible that some people are in SO much pain that they take their own lives. Find joy in your life. My joy is my son and I will always be there for my family. This is a hard life, but find the good and the joy in it. There is so much to be grateful and thankful for! If you suffer from severe anxiety/depression NO ONE will ever judge you to go seek help. Talk to people, counselors, friends, family. There are people in your life that are always there to listen and hear you out. 

I hope this was helpful and please let me know what you think! Thanks for listening to my personal message. You all are amazing! 

Love, B