Mother Hustler


Hey all you Mother Hustlers!  I see how crazy the juggle is with balancing work, motherhood, and being a wife. It is honestly exactly what I thought it was going to be like.

I went to San Diego last week for training for 5 days and I have to say it was the longest, most daunting, 5 days ever. I tried so hard not to look at the clock and just focus, but it was really tough. With a daily schedule from 7am-7pm, quizzes, learning new technology, tests, etc, I was starting to get really overwhelmed. My normal workdays can get crazy too. Cases can last several hours, I have a number to hit every quarter, and I need '15% more here to make that focus bucket'! By the way, I need to pick up the dry cleaning, pay the nanny, and make dinner. Everyday brings on a new list of shit to do that seems to try and get in the way of kissing my baby. Basically... my thoughts about working while mommy-ing were validated. IT IS SO HARD.

Sometimes you sit there and wonder, "Am I doing the right thing? Do I need to be home for him? Is he going to get all he needs with me being gone everyday?" Fisher is getting to that age where he recognizes when I leave, when I come back, and gets upset about it (which totally breaks my heart). These worries are amplified when I get questions like, "Are you going to continue working? Will you be home with him?" (I get these often). This really got me thinking about my current situation and here is how it is..

 I know I am doing the right thing for my family and for Fisher. It can obviously be hard sometimes, but I am enjoying my career and want to see where that takes me because where my career takes me also takes my family. Also, my job is one of my outside focuses. I take on multiple hobbies, but my job is something I can count on to keep me busy, keep me sharp, and pay me nicely and consistently. I am a part of a company that is doing amazing things for patients, and I am proud to work there. 

I grew up in a more traditional household (my mom was an amazing stay at home mom), but I have a degree I worked my butt off for, and I'm not saying I have to work because I need to make all that hard work worth achieving. I'm saying, I work because I want to and love it, and even if I did one day decide to become a stay at home mom that would be completely okay too. That is a JOB in itself.  I would have my degree in my back pocket for chances of re-entering the work force later.

Point is.. we all have different reasons for mommy-ing how we do. We make those decisions based on what is right for our kids and our families. Don't let people judge you for how you decide to be there for your kids. For myself, I am a working mom. It's hard sometimes to balance a career, run a home, and be a wife. There's chaos, emotions flying, dirty dishes, 1000 emails, and messy bathrooms, but at the end of the day (or week LOL) everything gets cleaned up, and I love it all. I make sure and end my day by 530. Phone goes off- and it's family/baby time. Gotta make it work!

So, to all my mother hustlers out there (stay at homes & working mamas) keep your chin up and be proud of yourselves! After all, we are the CEO's of our households!

 Love, B