A Glass of Red: You Don't Have to Trade Busy for Beauty


Hey babes, 

Let's have a chat about a question I get often: " How do you do it all? How to you make the time to keep up with yourself while juggling everything else?" I have to tell you that the answer is... I don't even know. I have my hands in a lot of different things.. but, one thing is for sure.. I do try my best to keep up with my self maintenance. My priorities come in this order.. God, family, full time job, self, and everything else. Of course, I'm going to put myself last and my hobbies even farther last.... HOWEVER, I cannot stress the importance of making sure you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. 

Sometimes I get a lot of flack(even from family) about how I will stop everything some days to go get my nails done in between cases. Well, let me just say that that is because I would rather fit it in when I can during the week than spend one minute on a Saturday fighting everyone else for a chair at the nail salon when I could be with my son and husband.  MMM HMMM.... yes. There are some things a woman has to do to maintain herself and her SANITY, and keeping herself feeling and looking pretty is extremely important. It makes all the difference in our confidence which is reflected in our jobs, and we can take care of all our responsibilities better!

One other thing I am very religious about is getting my spray tans weekly! I LOVE BEING TAN. My wardrobe isn't complete without it. I feel so much better and more confident in myself when I'm tan. Now, I understand it's not for everyone, but It is definitely me! I have an insanely busy schedule. I don't have the  time (although I wish I did) to lounge all day by the pool during the summer.. super jelly of those of you who can. I found a solution that works for me where I can get the best tan on a weekly basis and fast. 

I have an All Access pass to Darque Tan and it has truly changed the way I look and feel at my job, at home, and as a woman all together. There are so many services Darque Tan offers that I had no idea about! Red light therapy, salt therapy, zero gravity chairs, massages, lash extensions... the list goes on! What?! This isn't just for tanning? No. It is a company and brand that is going above and beyond for their customers to be a one stop shop for all things self care. This is what makes busy ladies' (AND GENTS') lives so much better. Yes, my husband had a Darque Tan account for YEARS even before I met him. 

I know I've talked about some of my fav "at home" self tanners, but Darque Tan is just unbeatable. I was paying $40 a month for my fav self tanner and having to go through all the work of rubbing It on myself, making sure I didn't miss a spot, etc. I then went back to Darque Tan for $50 for a Spray Tan membership where I just zip in, hop in the booth, get sprayed, and I'm out the door and on to the next hospital. Say what?! I'm tan and looking fresh AF for the whole next week. I can go ANYTIME I want as many TIMES as I want.. LOVE IT! I use the Norvell Spray Tan booth. I usually do the 'medium clear' color, which is a nice glow, however, lately now that we are in the heat of summer, I am doing the 'dark bronze'. I'm obsessed with how naturally dark I look. The easy follow along verbal instructions are always great to make sure you stand and position yourself properly to get an even spray. 

Tips for Beginner Spray Tanners: 

1. Shower before and exfoliate your skin. 

2. No lotion after showering. I find my spray lasts longer and sticks better. 

3. No showering for 8-12 hrs after your spray tan.

4. Once you're in the safe zone to shower make sure and moisturize. Your tan lasts much longer when your skin isn't dry and flaking off. 

5. Enjoy that tan, babes!!!!

I have an All Access Membership now where I have access to all the benefits this company offers. Massage services, red light therapy, salt therapy (which I LOVE). Check your local Darque Tan locations for the services offered. I've also linked the website so that you can visit and explore the different deals they always have going on. This is especially great to look into because it's summer.... get that summer glow before you hit that vacay! 

I could just go on and on about the value I see in Darque Tan, but why should I? Go see for yourself! You won't be disappointed. I'll be posting more soon about the specific services that I am loving by having my membership with Darque Tan. Can't wait to share!

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about spray tanning, Darque Tan, or my membership, please feel free to ask!

My shorts and top are ZARA. I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this little clutch! My wedges are really old and Steve Madden. Earrings are Baublebar! 


Love, B