A Glass of Red at the UPPER hand salon: Looks = Confidence = Results


Hello everyone!

It's Wednesday once again! You know what that means. Today's segment of A Glass of Red takes us to the UPPER hand salon right here in Houston, Texas! I am talking about the DIRECT correlation between looking good and feeling confident resulting in greater achievements at work. Let's talk a little self upkeep and improvement!

I have had so many questions about the beauty aspect of my blog. Daily questions... and I love each and every one of them. I live to help other people find products that work for them. From hair to makeup and anything in between! It really got me thinking one day when I was doing some tutorial stories.. "What is driving me to do these stories? What is really the goal behind all the work and all the effort to show people what I use?"

First of all, I am a huge advocate for all things that make you look and feel confident in yourself. For myself, that means makeup and other beauty products. The blogging world has opened up so many doors for me. I've been able to meet so many people, both via social media and in person, experience new things, go to events, and NETWORK (the main and only reason I would go to an event because I'm super busy with my full time job and being mother). Through all of this, there is one pattern related to my beauty tutorials that seems to always exist: The need and want from all people to look and feel beautiful. If I am someone who can be a stepping stone for others to learn and discover new products that will help them look and feel confident my job is accomplished!

With that being said I journeyed over to hair. I have always struggled with having enough volume. My hair is naturally straight and hardly holds curl because its relatively thinner. I am a natural strawberry blonde and thought I'd never be able to wear extensions because no one could ever match this color. Well, at the UPPER hand salon they made my thick, luscious, hair goals become a reality! I got clip in extensions!

Deanna (you can find her Instagram at @beautybydeannaa) at the @theupperhand salon knows her stuff! This girl taught me everything about extensions. From the look and feel, to ordering, to how to put them in. Let me tell you.. I learned a TON! Miraculously, we didn't have to dye them to match my color (or try to match). Babe extensions in the color "GINGER" (who would've thought) matched PERFECT. So, the process began.


The salon itself is literally something I would want in my own home. The exposed brick walls and all that natural light pouring in.. so pretty. I got washed and dried. They fun was about to begin. She gave me a baby trim (my ends were horrendous) and started to style my hair to prepare for the extensions. She sectioned each part and began teasing. Deanna explained that you want to tease the hair near the scalp by spraying hair spray, teasing, spray again, and clip the extensions about an inch from the scalp. You basically want to make sure the clips have a good grip because if you don't tease enough they will slip right out.

You can see for yourself by the final pictures that this girl knows what she's doing! I felt amazing and the length was everything I'd envisioned! #MERMAIDGOALS. I had the absolute best experience at the salon from start to finish and would recommend this business to anyone wanting to find a salon to call home. Please visit @theupperhandsalon to see more happy clients and amazing work! I am super confident in my volume and look!

Thank  you so much the UPPER hand salon!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding extensions, my experience, the salon, or anything else.

Love, B