6 Things Entreprenuer Moms Feel and How to Cope

6 Things Entreprenuer Moms Feel and How to Cope
Things Entreprenuer Moms Feel and How to Cope
Things Entreprenuer Moms Feel and How to Cope

Hi friends!

I hope you’ve been having the BEST most engaging week ever! I’ve been completely over my head engaged in my work (mostly studying for my insurance license). For the past several weeks I have been 100% focused on that one and only goal. This is a HUGE deal for our family and our business, and it has been a top priority. Today the big test was FINALLY here.. and I PASSED! Thank the Lord! All the studying and time focused on this one goal with my head in the books was so worth it. But, it also got me thinking about my son. Working, studying, chores… No matter what your focus is for the day thinking about your children is always at the forefront of your mind when you’re a mom.

I thought I would share 6 Things Entreprenuer Moms Feel and How to Cope. If you’re thinking of starting a business I think this is a great post for you just to let you know what to expect coming from a mom who is currently running several businesses at one time. If you already have a business or two- you know how it is and this is a great conversation to share between moms! AKA- You’re not alone!


One BIG one I particularly feel quite often is guilt. The mom guilt. You’re doing all these things and something in your mind steps in for a second and makes you realize your focus is not on your kids at that very moment. Well, of course, it’s not. You’re working on a project, a task at hand, a business…Yes, of course, your kids always come first, but there is no need to beat yourself up about creating time in your day to make a business more successful. You are in the process of creating something that is going to benefit the entire family and contribute majorly! Believe me. I was in medical device sales for 6 years constantly traveling for work and away from my home A TON more than I am now. You understand if you work full time. I’ll take my 3-4 work days a week over my previous career any day.

I am so very fortunate in the fact that I have an excellent MOL who helps all the time, as well as, a nanny who comes Tue-Thurs. Without them I don't know how I would manage all the things I’ve got my hands in. Even being home and working I’ll see Fisher come up to me to play (GUILT MODE ACTIVATED), but I must continue on with the schedule. Creating a set in stone time for your work to get done each day is critical. I have mine from about 8am-4pm. My nanny leaves at 4 and Mommy play time is ON!


If you’re feeling doubtful about continuing onward with your business I’ll have you know -you’re not alone. Everyone comes to a point where they feel SOME kind of doubt; especially, as a mother. You doubt if it will work, if you’re doing the right thing, or you may even doubt yourself. I’ve found myself doubting blogging a few times in the past.

“It’s such a saturated market- how will little old me stand out?”


“I have kids-what am I doing this for?”

Let’s get a few things straight. YOU’RE a mom. You seriously gave birth to little miracles… So, you’re pretty much a Rockstar already! You deserve to have something that is your own. We all have dreams and goals in this very short life we live. Don’t let the slightest bit of doubt keep you from thinking you are MORE and can do and be anything!


Okay, so here’s a big one. I have a lot of fear creep in and it’s my own fault that I allow it to happen. I think about all kinds of things!

“What if this ends up failing?”

“What if they were right all along- I can’t do it”

“What if I can't get enough clients”

There could literally be a list 5 pages long that you and I both could come up with. You know the fears within yourself. What are they? Write them down and really understand what it is you’re actually afraid of. Next, I’m going to ask you to do one simple thing. CHANGE your MINDSET. This has been the most simple, yet most profound idea. When we went to the National Achievers Conference a few weeks ago and heard Tony Robbins speak about the power of a state of mind… it was seriously something that completely changed everything.

I now start my mornings with positive meditation and create a state of mind powerful enough to turn my actions into results. It really works, you guys. You may think of this as so cliché, but believe it. Go check out his daily programs. What a crazy awesome start to the day!


Besides some of the ugly that tries to come steal our joy, let’s talk the good! Starting a business or running one is FUN! It’s something all your own. It’s YOURS. You’re the boss! You schedule your own daily activities and work agenda. This is something to be so excited and HAPPY about. Nothing gives me greater joy than knowing I’m growing businesses from the comfort of my own home!


When your happy overall you start feeling encouraged; encouraged to do more, be better, go the extra mile. The persistence pays off when those checks start rolling in, doesn’t it? It is so encouraging when things just align and success is within reach! It’s like- all the doubts you had before melt away. Keep up that feeling because encouragement brings forth increased motivation which = maximum action which = MAJOR RESULTS.


Ooooo my favorite. When I was finally able to say I wasn’t going back to corporate life I literally sat back and thought, “wow. I finally did what I said I was going to do”. Even DEEPER than that I feel such an immense feeling of PRIDE in myself being a business owner. Running a household, raising babies, being a wife, all while running a successful business is something to be majorly proud of. You should be overwhelmed with pride in everything you do, in your business and outside of it. You need to realize that no matter what stage you are in your business, or in your life, that you have A LOT to be proud of. You are someone’s SOMEBODY who they love and adore. You have so much to offer those around you.

Whether your just about to jump in the fire, or you’re already neck deep in it- life is crazy and amazing. Of course, these are just a few of the many different feelings that can come across while being a mom and running a business, however, I wanted to share just because these are the ones that stick out for me most.

Don’t be hesitant to make the jump into something that could change your life and your family’s lives. If you live your life constantly under the “what if” phrase.. is that really living? No success in life comes without a little bit of risk and a whole lot of FAITH. Just so you know, I believe in you 100%.

If you’re ever curious about what businesses I have going on shoot me and email or comment below! Or, you can click here for my business newsletter!


I’d also love to hear about what your business is. Exchanging info and ideas is what this blog is all about and I look forward to hearing from you!


Britny XOXO