A Glass of Red: You Don't Have to Trade Busy for Beauty


Hey babes, 

Let's have a chat about a question I get often: " How do you do it all? How to you make the time to keep up with yourself while juggling everything else?" I have to tell you that the answer is... I don't even know. I have my hands in a lot of different things.. but, one thing is for sure.. I do try my best to keep up with my self maintenance. My priorities come in this order.. God, family, full time job, self, and everything else. Of course, I'm going to put myself last and my hobbies even farther last.... HOWEVER, I cannot stress the importance of making sure you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. 

Sometimes I get a lot of flack(even from family) about how I will stop everything some days to go get my nails done in between cases. Well, let me just say that that is because I would rather fit it in when I can during the week than spend one minute on a Saturday fighting everyone else for a chair at the nail salon when I could be with my son and husband.  MMM HMMM.... yes. There are some things a woman has to do to maintain herself and her SANITY, and keeping herself feeling and looking pretty is extremely important. It makes all the difference in our confidence which is reflected in our jobs, and we can take care of all our responsibilities better!

One other thing I am very religious about is getting my spray tans weekly! I LOVE BEING TAN. My wardrobe isn't complete without it. I feel so much better and more confident in myself when I'm tan. Now, I understand it's not for everyone, but It is definitely me! I have an insanely busy schedule. I don't have the  time (although I wish I did) to lounge all day by the pool during the summer.. super jelly of those of you who can. I found a solution that works for me where I can get the best tan on a weekly basis and fast. 

I have an All Access pass to Darque Tan and it has truly changed the way I look and feel at my job, at home, and as a woman all together. There are so many services Darque Tan offers that I had no idea about! Red light therapy, salt therapy, zero gravity chairs, massages, lash extensions... the list goes on! What?! This isn't just for tanning? No. It is a company and brand that is going above and beyond for their customers to be a one stop shop for all things self care. This is what makes busy ladies' (AND GENTS') lives so much better. Yes, my husband had a Darque Tan account for YEARS even before I met him. 

I know I've talked about some of my fav "at home" self tanners, but Darque Tan is just unbeatable. I was paying $40 a month for my fav self tanner and having to go through all the work of rubbing It on myself, making sure I didn't miss a spot, etc. I then went back to Darque Tan for $50 for a Spray Tan membership where I just zip in, hop in the booth, get sprayed, and I'm out the door and on to the next hospital. Say what?! I'm tan and looking fresh AF for the whole next week. I can go ANYTIME I want as many TIMES as I want.. LOVE IT! I use the Norvell Spray Tan booth. I usually do the 'medium clear' color, which is a nice glow, however, lately now that we are in the heat of summer, I am doing the 'dark bronze'. I'm obsessed with how naturally dark I look. The easy follow along verbal instructions are always great to make sure you stand and position yourself properly to get an even spray. 

Tips for Beginner Spray Tanners: 

1. Shower before and exfoliate your skin. 

2. No lotion after showering. I find my spray lasts longer and sticks better. 

3. No showering for 8-12 hrs after your spray tan.

4. Once you're in the safe zone to shower make sure and moisturize. Your tan lasts much longer when your skin isn't dry and flaking off. 

5. Enjoy that tan, babes!!!!

I have an All Access Membership now where I have access to all the benefits this company offers. Massage services, red light therapy, salt therapy (which I LOVE). Check your local Darque Tan locations for the services offered. I've also linked the website so that you can visit and explore the different deals they always have going on. This is especially great to look into because it's summer.... get that summer glow before you hit that vacay! 

I could just go on and on about the value I see in Darque Tan, but why should I? Go see for yourself! You won't be disappointed. I'll be posting more soon about the specific services that I am loving by having my membership with Darque Tan. Can't wait to share!

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about spray tanning, Darque Tan, or my membership, please feel free to ask!

My shorts and top are ZARA. I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this little clutch! My wedges are really old and Steve Madden. Earrings are Baublebar! 


Love, B

A Glass of Red: Battling Anxiety at Work


Hi guys! 

SO, last night a few too many glasses of red were being had  rather than typing up this post! LOL My bad, but this girl needed a little break! 

I wanted to talk to you guys about something serious. ANXIETY. It looks as ugly as it sounds when you say it. In fact, it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I've been a worry wart all my life, and behind this smiling face is sometimes the face of anxiety. In this day and age it seems as though everyone is struggling with the same thing. Money. The root of most anxiety. Gotta pay those bills! Work, stress/pressure from work, relationships, fears of failing, insecurities... these are all things that go through my own head day to day. I don't really think about it. I am fully aware and understand that I suffer from severe anxiety. Maybe even a little bit of depression. But, because I am aware I make sure and take steps to keep myself grounded. Like I said- I've been going through this all my life. I've faced the music that this is just WHO I am. It's in my DNA to worry and have anxiety. My mother suffers from it, her mother as well, and my sister. All three have been on anti-anxiety/anti-depressant meds. I have never taken the plunge to get on medication. It may actually help me, but I'm personally fighting going that route. I do feel this is something that can be hereditary. 

The reason I am opening up to you about this is I don't ever want you guys to think that you are the only one going through things like this. I seriously am just another person facing the same things you guys do day in and day out. There are TONS of people who suffer from anxiety and I will be the first one to raise my hand to say I am one of them. I also wanted to share that there are a few things I do to allow myself some relief from anxiety when/if I can. It's hard to make it work sometimes, but I do TRY and take these steps: 

1. Relax! - This sounds so dumb because if you're an anxiety sufferer like me, when someone tells you to relax you almost immediately think either a) yea freaking right b) shut up you have no idea what I'm dealing with, or c) TELL ME HOW. I've tested a few things out over the years and I have found FOR ME that if I paint, shop, get creative, read magazines, or seriously go get a massage I am MUCH more relaxed. I'm sure it's different for everyone. 

2. Be proactive - I know that I have anxiety, so I will be proactive in different ways to help myself. I have gone to get things off my chest and talk to a psychiatrist/counselor (THIS HELPS SOOO MUCH). I have also downloaded a few apps that help me meditate. I am really digging the Breathe App. I listen to it at night to help me go to sleep when my mind starts wandering/worrying. I also find that when I make the effort to go work out I am so much more relaxed. I feel better all around! 

3. Positive affirmations. I know this sounds silly, but say out loud some positive affirmations. Look up some on pinterest if that helps. Find an uplifting podcast. Anything out loud and live you can say or listen to everyday to help you overcome your anxiety. It truly helps! I have been listening to The Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher and Unshakeable by Tony Robbins.. these are more about learning how to be successful and self betterment which for me makes me feel super empowered and pumped up! 

4. Go to church. The most important piece of advice. You can't handle all the loads of today alone. Give it ALL to God. He is always there for you to help you. When I go to Sunday service I always feel relieved and ready for the week ahead. 

My stress and anxiety can really affect the way I work and how I get things done on a daily basis. Fighting anxiety during work, or even worse, having anxiety because of work, can really mess you up. I know this feeling very well. I have a lot of pressures from work that are the roots of my anxieties. However, I know that if I keep my steps in mind I can alleviate a lot of the stress and keep my mind focused on my job- what pays the bills. For those stresses caused my job- I literally have to tell myself that I can only do what I can do. I can do my absolute best and that is it. I will go above and beyond for success, but for things that are out of my control... It's out of my control.. I fully accept that. 

Recently, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain passed away to suicide. It is terrible that some people are in SO much pain that they take their own lives. Find joy in your life. My joy is my son and I will always be there for my family. This is a hard life, but find the good and the joy in it. There is so much to be grateful and thankful for! If you suffer from severe anxiety/depression NO ONE will ever judge you to go seek help. Talk to people, counselors, friends, family. There are people in your life that are always there to listen and hear you out. 

I hope this was helpful and please let me know what you think! Thanks for listening to my personal message. You all are amazing! 

Love, B


A Glass of Red: Adventures in Yellowstone


A Glass of Red: Adventures in Yellowstone

First of all…. I know it is odd that I'm combining my business segment with my vacation, but these two need to work together. You have to be able to step away from your work every now and again to rest your mind and refresh. Take intentional inactivity in order to refill yourself with creativity. It can seem impossible to step away from the kids, work, the house to go on a break, but it is absolutely and completely necessary. Kirk and I left for Yellowstone for 4 days and we came back together as a team. We definitely needed this vacay.

We had the BEST time on this trip! It is truly the purest essence of what America is, has been, and always will be. There is something so spiritual about Montana and Yellowstone National Park. The mountains just speak to you… I felt so humbled being there feeling so very small against these absolutely enormous and rocky beings. It felt like the cultures of the past were still all around us. Even in the most high tourist traffic times of the day through the park when you got out of your car, pulled over to soak in the view, or just rolled the window down..it was so quiet. You could hear the streams, the rivers, the birds, the elk, even the wind in the grass. It was very emotional for me, actually. It was the purest form of nature I had ever experienced because it was so raw, so untouched, so left alone…. Amazing.

We flew into Bozeman which is an hour and a half away from our hotel. I recommend flying into Bozeman though because there is so much to do there. It is such a charming town! We grabbed our rental car and hit the road to explore a little. We got in very early, so we had plenty of time before our check in at Dreamcatcher. Kirk decides to take us on an adventure up to the resovouir to test out the rental car. Gorgeous views! Then we went a little further and found several hiking trails. Kirk wanted to get out and go up… but I knocked that down because a) We didn’t have bear spray b) we didn’t have bear spray and there were signs everywhere saying “grizzly country” and to have bear spray during hiking…..  SO NO WE ARE NOT GOING HIKING, BABE…..

When in Bozeman swing by Montana Ale Works for some fresh draft Montana beers, GREAT FOOD, and a fun atmosphere. It was soo good!  We had bison dumplings and wagyu beef burgers that were out of this world! We then went across the street to grab some beer and snacks for the room at a little market. Buy a case of water as well since you will need it during your adventures in the park. The water and food inside are like amusement park prices. We kept our waters in the car! Next, we started making our way to the Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel! The drive there was just stunning. Mountains everywhere and green pastures and valleys. We were already loving it!


Dreamcather Tipi Hotel

This hotel is so unique! I have always loved the idea of a “glamping” adventure, and staying in a luxury tipi was just the ticket. It is seated right off the highway and nestled at the foot of the hillside. There is a communal fire pit where you can find complimentary beer, wine, and smores every night starting at 730pm. The tipis themselves are the cutest things! Unzip the entrance and in you go. You’ll find a nice bed with two chairs, lamps, heaters, and a coffee maker, outlets, a flashlight, fresh towels, and robes. It is really very cozy. The mattresses are SO SOFT. I slept like a baby! Wondering where the bathroom is? You’ll find it a short walk away in a nicely kept bathhouse. About 6 separate bathrooms make up the bathhouse, and each one has its own shower and soaps. They were always VERY clean and stocked up. Some things to be prepared for:

·       Daylight begins at 530am. It literally feels like 7am and it’s so bright! I kept waking up at 530 everyday thinking I woke up late!

·       Being that the bathrooms are walking distance away, there could be animals around if you have to go pee in the night. Bring your flashlight!

·       You can bring your friendly pets!

·       There are games like corn hole, etc, so, grab the bags from in the welcome tent when you check in!

·       WIFI is available, but you are in the country! It isn’t the best service. Enjoy the separation from technology…( it was super nice- not being sarcastic)

·       Compliementary coffee and hot tea is available in the breakfast tent right next to the check in tent.


Yellowstone National Park

The following day, we got up at like 6am to get started. We were told to get to the park very early to avoid the crowds. We drove into Grandier (10 mins away from the hotel) and stopped to eat at Tumbleweed Bookstore and Café, a little place that makes really good breakfast sandwiches and lattes. We took ours to go and kept driving through Grandier, passing little restaurants and bars along the way, until we reached the North entrance to Yellowstone. As you enter the gate, be prepared to pay $35 for your pass which is worth it because your pass is good for like 5 days after you pay. Make sure you ask what radio station the Yellowstone station is on. Youll hear advice from the rangers on what to expect while you’re there and animal safety- although, after a ways into the park you wont have service and you will also not have any radio. You will drive a winding road of about 5 miles into the park and hit the Mammoth Hot Springs. Yall… this is where the adventure begins.


You are about to face a ton of driving.. but, honestly you don’t really realize how much you actually drive because a) the excitement of seeing REAL WILD animals b) there is beauty all around you! Take it all in! We drove the entire park that day. We got out at every lookout, feature, and geyser. Do the same! You don’t want to miss a single thing. There are plenty of signs to direct you to all the attractions and different areas of the park. Lamar Valley was probably our favorite place. That is where most of the wolves live, and we saw 4! Go in the evening when they come out to play and hunt (730-8Pm).

Our Favorite Features: 

·       The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone -so gorgeous and a HUGE waterfall

·       Old Faithful (because duh)

·       Lamar Valley -wolves and buffalo

After a full day in the car we were ready to grab some cold brews and grub. That night we went to the Iron Horse Saloon and had some Elk Nachos.. so GOOD!!! We then topped the night off at the Blue Goose Saloon where we had way too many birthday shots for Kirk’s bday. The nighlife for being in the mountains is actually pretty fun! Make sure to plan where you want to eat first because a lot of the restaurants close early.


Day 2

The next day we were supposed to go white water rafting according to the Birthday Boy’s wishes. FORTUNATELY, we didn’t go because it was a little on the chilly side and we wanted to see the Grand Teton National Park. We just couldn’t do all that in one day, so Grand Tetons it was. To get there you have to drive through the park again and come out the other side. The Grand Teton Mountains are a MUST SEE. We drove all the way to the base of the mountains. When we had had our fill there we turned around and went to the Jackson Lake Lodge (located in "cowboy country", Wyoming. This place is so cool. You can stay there and sign up for fun excursions like horseback riding and fishing. We sat out on the patio overlooking the Teton mountains across the lake while sipping some Sweetwater Pale Ale. The perfect ending to a fabulous day sight seeing. As we made our way back through Yellowstone we saw bears, elk, and all kinds of creatures coming out as evening approached. We stopped at Lamar Valley and saw those 4 wolves (KIRKS FAV part of the trip)  The perfect ending to an amazing time in the outdoors.


We went and ate at Rosies Bistro. Half the restaurant serves pizza and sandwiches the other half is “fancier” (very casual-just different food) We had the Bison Lasangne which was delicious! The tipi was calling our name at that point, so it was time to head back. We had some wine and enjoyed our last sleep with our Tipi home.

The next morning we packed up and drove over to the Grizzly Bear Rescue. This place is so neat because you can see actual Grizzly bears up close and personal (obviously not close enough to touch, but from a safe/close distance) Here you can learn about bear safely, what sets them off, how to stay alive if attacked, and what to do if you face one in the wild. Very interesting stuff.. I would have actually liked seeing this at the beginning of the trip. After that, we were back in Bozeman where we ate lunch at “Roost”. You NEED to eat here. This was the BEST fried chicken Kirk and I had ever had in our lives…. That says a lot because we eat and try all sorts of places and no where in Houston have I found a place that does chicken like Roost does! At least, not yet.


This trip was sooo much fun! Yellowstone is  just awe inspiring and beautiful. We will definitely be back. I will say, however, it will be when Fisher is much older. This is not a very good vacation to bring a little baby on. Too much driving around! Please go visit this amazing part of our country! You haven't SEEN America until you've been to Yellowstone National Park.  

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Please let me know if you guys have any questions about the trip, hotel, park, please let me know!

Love, B


A Glass of Red: Submit to Your Surroundings


Hello everyone! 


OMG does it feel good to FINALLY be back in the saddle over here on the site! WOW. It has been way too long. Writing is just so relaxing to me. Especially, when it is to you guys and it's about sharing things I love! I appreciate your patience!  

So, today on A Glass of Red, I wanted to discuss the importance of submitting to your surroundings. What does that even mean? Well, basically you need to have a relaxing atmosphere somewhere in your house or nearby that you can work in. You need to have a place to go, a refuge, a sanctuary where you can literally sit down, focus, and work. Some of my best work comes from me sitting in my office or outside near the pool with the water feature on, and I can just zone in on my projects. This picture of me is old from my meeting in San Antonio, but I wanted to share it here because that resort is absolutely stunning and I was so inspired by just being there! Here Is an example of my favorite things to do when I am  getting ready to sit down for a work sesh: 

Beforehand, I decided where I want to work. It is usually somewhere quiet with the TV off and no distractions. I am the type of person who cant even have Pandora on in the background because I get distracted with the music. I then, clean the area. I will pick up odds and ends, baby things, pet beds, toys, and put away anything that could possibly get in my way. I make the area smell good. This one is so key to me because, well, maybe I'm OCD about a few things, but my work space HAS to smell clean and fresh. I will also light candles and have a few lamps on. I don't work under overhead lighting.... that is so annoying to me for some reason. It's always tinted so oddly and its too much at once. I like to feel my eyes focus in on the screen I'm looking at. I will also make sure I, myself, am comfortable. Sometimes that means I need to go take a bath, get in my jammies, and come back down with a glass of wine to begin a really good comfy work sesh. 

You also have to have an area dedicated to your concentration. Even if you don't have an office space, maybe, go work in a guest bedroom, or a little nook in the kitchen! Wherever your work space may be make sure you have no distractions. This can be sooooo hard for each of us as we all have our own crazy households, but do try and have YOU time to focus. My optimal time is when Fisher goes down for the night at 7pm. I now have so much time to relax and catch up on projects. I have certain times of the day I work on the blog and social media now, and my new schedule consists of actual work hours. I will allow myself to be on it from 730-5pm. Once I'm home the phone is put away until Fisher goes to bed, and if I must, I will wrap up a few open items. I usually always work in my office because the AC, no mosquitos, and I have it looking organized and pretty in there. Surround yourself with beautiful things, favorite quotes, and inspiring colors. It will REALLY make all the difference!

If you need more tips on finding the best place to work in your home drop me a DM or comment and I will be happy to help you! I hope you all have a wonderful evening and, once again, I am SO thrilled to be back!


Love, B

A Glass of Red: Side Gigs and Things to Consider


Hey guys!

Sometimes my Glass of Red turns over into a Glass of Mimosa! I am unapologetically posting this today because I literally do what I can when I can when it comes to blogging. This is my hobby not my job, so when I have late days working like I did yesterday I gotta fit my posts in when I'm able to! Thank you for understanding!

Ever wonder if you could do more with your life? I mean, fill that creative need to live out some entrepreneurship and maybe start your own business doing something you love besides your commitment to your full time job? Or, maybe your looking to start something that could eventually take over as your main income and allow you to retire from your full time job? Today, I'm talking about doing balancing side gigs while working full time. Let me tell you... it's not easy.

I always felt a little pissed off when someone would tell me, "Hey, it's just a job. You don't have to be in love with what you do if it pays the bills". Well, why the hell can't I be in LOVE with what I do?? So what if you get paid well.. if you don't like what you do what does that say for your overall quality of life?  Now, don't get me wrong. We are all in different situations and sometimes we take what we can get to get that money. We deal with it until we find something better. I get it. It's a tough world out there. However, I'm talking about those of us who are itching to start something new and are at a place in their lives where they feel like they could handle starting a side gig. Something they actually really love doing and are determined to make that their primary living.

Kirk and I have a side business that we work together on that is really rolling. We are planning my retirement from my full time job in about a year or so. I have another side business with my paintings where my passion truly lives. But how do you balance all of this all the time? That is something we deal with everyday. Honestly, It is based solely on a hierarchy of priorities.

1. Family First. My son is my main priority. I will drop everything to help raise him and give him what he needs.

2. Main source of Income. Your full time job is how you pay the bills. Don't quit it just yet until you have fully established your side businesses to where you are making more than your full time job gives  you. That is when you truly know your work is successful.

3. Prioritize your side gigs. My husband and I obviously put the side business generating the most money with the most potential to make money over the others. My painting and design work comes second to our main side gig because my business comes in waves, and I don't have the time to really devote 100% of myself to it all the time. Maybe one day!

4. This one is just a reminder to take time to relax and breathe. It can be really hard to juggle being everything to everyone AND be working, blogging, side gigging, mommying, and wifeying. DAMN.

I know you all are a bunch of GO GETTERS, so you probably balance all this just fine, but I hope this little bit of advice helps you in some way! Let me know what you think!




A Glass of Red at the UPPER hand salon: Looks = Confidence = Results


Hello everyone!

It's Wednesday once again! You know what that means. Today's segment of A Glass of Red takes us to the UPPER hand salon right here in Houston, Texas! I am talking about the DIRECT correlation between looking good and feeling confident resulting in greater achievements at work. Let's talk a little self upkeep and improvement!

I have had so many questions about the beauty aspect of my blog. Daily questions... and I love each and every one of them. I live to help other people find products that work for them. From hair to makeup and anything in between! It really got me thinking one day when I was doing some tutorial stories.. "What is driving me to do these stories? What is really the goal behind all the work and all the effort to show people what I use?"

First of all, I am a huge advocate for all things that make you look and feel confident in yourself. For myself, that means makeup and other beauty products. The blogging world has opened up so many doors for me. I've been able to meet so many people, both via social media and in person, experience new things, go to events, and NETWORK (the main and only reason I would go to an event because I'm super busy with my full time job and being mother). Through all of this, there is one pattern related to my beauty tutorials that seems to always exist: The need and want from all people to look and feel beautiful. If I am someone who can be a stepping stone for others to learn and discover new products that will help them look and feel confident my job is accomplished!

With that being said I journeyed over to hair. I have always struggled with having enough volume. My hair is naturally straight and hardly holds curl because its relatively thinner. I am a natural strawberry blonde and thought I'd never be able to wear extensions because no one could ever match this color. Well, at the UPPER hand salon they made my thick, luscious, hair goals become a reality! I got clip in extensions!

Deanna (you can find her Instagram at @beautybydeannaa) at the @theupperhand salon knows her stuff! This girl taught me everything about extensions. From the look and feel, to ordering, to how to put them in. Let me tell you.. I learned a TON! Miraculously, we didn't have to dye them to match my color (or try to match). Babe extensions in the color "GINGER" (who would've thought) matched PERFECT. So, the process began.


The salon itself is literally something I would want in my own home. The exposed brick walls and all that natural light pouring in.. so pretty. I got washed and dried. They fun was about to begin. She gave me a baby trim (my ends were horrendous) and started to style my hair to prepare for the extensions. She sectioned each part and began teasing. Deanna explained that you want to tease the hair near the scalp by spraying hair spray, teasing, spray again, and clip the extensions about an inch from the scalp. You basically want to make sure the clips have a good grip because if you don't tease enough they will slip right out.

You can see for yourself by the final pictures that this girl knows what she's doing! I felt amazing and the length was everything I'd envisioned! #MERMAIDGOALS. I had the absolute best experience at the salon from start to finish and would recommend this business to anyone wanting to find a salon to call home. Please visit @theupperhandsalon to see more happy clients and amazing work! I am super confident in my volume and look!

Thank  you so much the UPPER hand salon!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding extensions, my experience, the salon, or anything else.

Love, B



A Glass of Red: Business and Family


Hi guys!

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! I have to say I practice what I preach LOL!

This segment of A Glass of Red is talking all about work/life balance with family. This is probably the question I get the most: How do you do it all? How do you balance being a mom, career woman, blogger, and support your side businesses? Well, to be honest.... ITS SO HARD. I do feel that sometimes I spread myself too thin, and that is when you have to put the phone down, stop scrolling through the emails, and just grab the baby and hold him tight. Usually when I start feeling like I'm over doing it.. I am. I do put a lot of focus on my work, but more importantly, I will always put my son and family first. This can be hard to do sometimes with all of the obligations we take on in our jobs.

I will tell you that if you call me around 530pm or so....I probably won't answer. I literally disconnect from the world of work when I get home. I don't check my emails, answer work calls or texts (aside from blogging things when the baby is asleep). I drop everything to be with my son. We go for a walk when dad gets home, play, eat dinner, and then before I know it... its time for a bath, bottle, then bed. I don't really get all the much time with him after work, so I do my best to be 100% all in focus for him. My mother and grandmother came into town this week, and they noticed me and my phone are like of the same body. I felt so guilty.. So, last night.. the blog post was put on hold and the phone turned off. I didn't mind at all. I would do anything to make my family happy.

One MAJOR piece of the picture I'm currently working on is our side business. This is an UNBELIEVEABLE opportunity that is going to give us time and financial freedom, and so far, we are rolling! Our Houston team is growing at an incredible rate which will seriously repay us in me being able to walk away from my full time job in about a year or so... and be receiving exponential residual income forever. Yes, I'm retiring sooner than expected because of this amazing business, and I couldn't be more excited. Talk about family being first when we get to that point!

My tips for balancing family and work:

1) Give yourself a hard deadline for working everyday. If 5pm is when your day ends... make sure that you turn yourself off from work at 5pm. I know this can be so hard for you workaholics! LOL

2) Ask for help. Get on Thumbtack, Home Advisor, or another service app to get home help. The time you spend trying to do Honey Do chores on the weekends is time away from your family. Sometimes it's better to bite the bullet and pay someone else to spend that time to fix it, so you free your hands.

3) Most importantly, reach out to me about our business. We help people reach their financial goals, and if you're looking for time freedom for you and your family this opportunity is for you! Like I said before.. I am considering early RETIREMENT from my medical sales position! That is insane! I cannot think of anything else in the world that could give that option to anyone, except for this company!

I hope you all take a well deserved breather and snuggle your loved ones a little tighter today!

Love, B

A Glass of Red: Platinum Retreat!


Happy Wednesday, guys!


First of all, I love each and every one of you! I am so happy to have you with me on this journey of growth and fun times together! The winner of the Beautycounter Charcoal Mask Giveaway is Sasha!!! Congrats GF!!! If you didn't win, don't worry.. there will be plenty more giveaways in the future. I truly appreciate you guys and love to gift my friends.

SO, speaking of winning I wanted to share some fun times ahead for Kirk and I at the Platinum Retreat! We won this through our side business and we could NOT be more excited. Sure, this is a fantastic getaway in a 10 million dollar lake house, but it is much more than that. We are going on a retreat along with people who are the best in the business. These other couples are beyond successful and know all the tricks of the trade. Kirk and I are SO excited to be a part of the experience and really get some amazing skillsets from these guys.

It is so important to go for promos within your company and try to win spiffs. If there is a little competition going on at the workplace GO FOR THE GOLD! It not only spruces up your skill level, but also challenges you! HENCE GROWTH. It is also important to learn from your peers. Learn as much as you can from others. One thing Kirk and I have always followed was to surround ourselves with those who want more `themselves. People who are motivated to go places and people who are where YOU want to be in the future.

I can't wait to bring you along with us as we learn from the best!  Our team here is seriously growing like crazy and the $$$ is coming in. We are so blessed! I am honestly going to be retiring in about a year or two because I will have supplemented my income with continuous increasing residual income.  If you're interested in joining our team, or just want to know more about what we do to please feel free to reach out! You don't have to be from Houston to join in.

Have a wonderful night and I can't wait to share more with you soon!

For links to this look check out my Instagram post!


Love, B

A Glass of Red: Rejection Handling


Another Wednesday! I feel like my week has flown by. That's probably because I was in NOLA the past 2 days... Oh well, here we go again! Let's pour a glass!

Today I'm talking about everyone's favorite thing.. REJECTION. LOL. I don't care what business you're in or not. Rejection is something that we ALL face. Whether your a blogger being rejected by a  big brand you pitched, a sales rep, or even a mom! I literally get so butt hurt when I have my arms open to Fisher and he wants Daddy... like, WTF? I'm mama!!! #rejected

It doesn't feel good, but we all need it. A little taste of "no" gets us all going and keeps us driven for the 'yes". I have my theory on rejection too. I don't believe that when you get a NO it really means NO. And, no, I'm not that annoying person who keeps asking and asking for the business. I think NO actually means, Not right now. I think there is always a chance that person will come around. Maybe they need more information about the services you're offering. Maybe they need to see the pitch from a different perspective. Maybe they just need TIME to think about it.

Think of it this way. If for every NO you received and left that person to themselves forever afterwards and never checked up on them again to see what more info they needed, imagine all the possible ÝES's you'd be leaving on the table. I also don't think it is a bad thing to be straight up with people and ask them to their face why they are telling you NO. Ask what they need. Ask them why they aren't interested. You may be able to further explain the business and show them exactly what they needed to get you that YES.

There have been so many situations Kirk and I have faced that started with rejection and ended with YES. You just need to see and investigate the needs of your customers. We get rejected sometimes. We all do. But, you can't give up when you get a NO. For every No there is a YES. Our business is to help others and that is what keeps us going everyday. That is why our team is growing, why we are heading to the top, and how we got invited to the company's Platinum Retreat.

If someone gives you a hard NO after you have given all the info you can, be respectful. Don't be overbearing and pushy. That is not what you are there to do. At the end of the day a business offers a service. Services are there to help other people, or give people something. Polite is key if you want to save your reputation. Handling rejection is a part of everyday life and business!

Please let me know if you need anymore tips on this topic, or if you have a tricky situation you've been dealing with regarding rejection. I love bouncing ideas off one another! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Love, B


A Glass of Red: Fear of Failure


Happy Wineday! Oops.. I mean, Wednesday. Whatever.

Today, let's chat about the fear of failure.. FAILURE. Such a morbid term in a lot of people's books. However, in mine, failure is welcome to tag along on my journey... You need failure to reach success. This goes  financially, in business, in relationships, etc.

It is totally normal to fear failure. Everyone does because, let's be honest, who wants to lose at something? We try so hard for success and society today is very cut throat. In reality, we  don't win EVERYTHING all the time, but we damn sure try to. We do fail, but the important thing is how you are able to fail and grow from that failure. Failure is only a temporary situation. Just because you fail at a business or a job doesn't mean you are absolutely worthless and will never succeed in your position. Failure is a learning curve. You need to feel and know failure very well to learn from your mistakes.

How do we achieve failure? Achieve failure????? Hold up. Failure isn't what we want to achieve.. right?! Wrong. I strive for failure because that tells me I am on the right track. It means I'm trying, I'm taking risks.. Guess what else? I seek rejection too. For every " NO" I get, I know a "YES" is right around the corner. I know that for every "NO", it doesn't mean No forever it just means, "Not right now". All these things; rejection, fails, No's, pushback.... you don't get these things sitting around doing nothing. You get these things moving in a direction and whether or not that direction is the right one- you find out through fails which will correct you and put you on the RIGHT path.

When you think about life THIS way.. you become something FAILURE is afraid of.. FEARLESS. When you turn it around and make failure fear you... you become unstoppable. SO, although this post is really not about money, savings, making money etc.... it actually is! Because when you understand this concept you gain so much back in your business, your work, your life... You shouldn't fear to fail.. you should make failure fear you..

LOVE you so much and THANK YOU SO MUCH for following me! I have reached over 5K followers and I am just loving interacting with each one of you!

Please let me know what you think of the post!

Love, B


A Glass of Red: Selling with Integrity



I'm currently still not wearing makeup (slightly afraid to wear any after the microdermabrasion yesterday), and having a glass of Rose. I know it's not red... pink is close enough though! LOL.

Today, I'm talking about selling with integrity. It's a different side to business and money that we sometimes don't think about all the time, but is super important. When we stop selling with dollar signs in our eyes and start selling with the drive to truly and genuinely help others, then the money will begin flowing in. This is a whole entirely different way of thinking than the traditional rush, push, and hurry to get the sell we need to make a number, or to reach our quota.

This is really where you want to take a step back and switch gears. For instance, there have been several occasions where I was in a procedure room with a physician and told them NOT to use my product. It wasn't the best tool for that particular patient. I knew I wouldn't get the sell THAT day. However, because I was honest and was selling with integrity, I completely surprised the doc and he respected me more. He now uses my products even when I'm not present in the room..which is fantastic. I sold with integrity and now I am being rewarded 10 fold.

Kirk and I have applied this way of thinking to our business and it has made it so much easier. It makes so much sense because what we are REALLY doing is helping people save and make money. It is for THEIR benefit. The results from integrity selling here has proven itself. We have gained major traction here in Houston and were just recently invited to the Platinum Retreat. This is a weekend with the best in the business who invited us to come trade best practices and learn to enhance our business tactics,  all while staying at a huge mansion on the lake in Arkansas. It is truly an honor to be invited and I am so excited to stay with some major winners who also have the same mindset in integrity selling as we do. Helping others in this business is how they reached success. When you think about it.. it just makes sense.

This way of thinking can relate to so many other situations besides business. When someone knows you actually care about them as a person that makes a difference! So, when you feel like you've hit a plateau , a slump, a snag in your revenue... ask yourself one question.. Are you selling with integrity? It will change your whole game.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic- I'd love to hear from you!

Love, B

Welcome to A Glass of Red!


Welcome to A Glass of Red! Every Wednesday I'll be taking happy hour to a whole new level and chatting about all things money, finances, investing, saving, etc. I hope you'll join in on the conversation by asking questions, as well as, offering your insights on these topics! We all need to help each other reach greater heights! So, have a glass of red and let's dive into the FIRST session of many to come! So exciting!

I’ve always been a planner, but when it came to money I didn’t have a clue. That’s until I started expanding my knowledge of finances and properly investing. Now, let’s hold up for a moment and understand that I am NOT a financial advisor, however, I have learned so much from our own personal financial advisors, and research over the last 2 years that I wanted to start sharing it.

When I say I’m busy working on my side business what do you think I mean by that? My art? My fashion blog? No (although I do legitimately work my art side hustle). I mean, I am working my investments! I am making my money work for ME. It’s the easiest job in the world because as I sit in the car and ride around during my full time job in med device sales my money is working for me at the same time. Do I see a future where Britny Robinson will one day soon not have to work her full time job because she has completely surpassed her income with her investments? YES. Will it be residual income? Also, YES.  It all depends on how hard I make my money work for me. Honestly, I'm trying to stay focused and make a goal for myself to retire from working in 2-3 years with residual income coming in.

So, what do I mean when I say I’ve invested my money? Well, my husband and I have invested in a variety of different things. We have invested in various avenues through our advisors, and we have also invested in businesses on our own. There is one business that has truly been a game changer and has allowed us to save tons of money as well as make us money. Please reach out to me with any questions pertaining to this and I'll be happy to explain! I love sharing the wealth!

For now, here are 2 main things I suggest doing:

1) Find a financial advisor/ financial team and start learning about your current situation. They'll discuss with you where you are right now (the good, the bad, the ugly), and help you strategize to get you to where you want to be in the future. My husband and I wished we had done this sooner! If you live in the Houston area I'll be happy to tell you what team we work with! They are amazing!

2) Educate yourself! I have a few good reads on my mind, but this one is really great. It talks about investing in your future through life insurance, and being able to LIVE your life insurance $$$.  (which is something we did through our financial advisors)  This helped me understand how it works and what to expect. This will literally blow your mind.. at least, it blew mine. A completely different way of thinking and living that I had no clue was even possible.



Buy it Here! Super cheap on Amazon...



There are several other topics to look forward to in this new Wednesday segment that I hope you'll join me on, including a big one, refinancing student loans..GEEZ I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.  I am currently working on this and will discuss in the future segments!

I hope you all are as excited as I am about learning more about money matters with me, and teaching each other some new tricks! Until next time!




Filtering the Frivolous

Sooooo if you read my 6 S's to Success in the New Year post you saw that one of those S's was Saving Money! We have been working with a financial planning group in the Galleria area that we love, and they have really brought to light the importance of planning now, and where we have some major work to do. We have learned things we never knew we needed to know! I am not good with money, and have been trying my best to be better. The whole process really has gotten me thinking about my weak areas, and where I can improve. With that said, I think there is a lot of money I'm ready to stop throwing away. I wrote out an entire list of everything going out of my account each month ( I suggest you do the same because my eyes almost fell out of my head). OOPS.

Now, I'm not literally throwing money away.. I've been spending it on frivolous things I really don't need, and I could do better on finding better deals with things we DO need. Here are some things I'm purging from my spending habits that are just not cutting it anymore:

1. Re-evaluating my auto draft payments and subscriptions. Have ya'll just taken a look at how many things we have on auto pay? Everything is on auto draft it seems like these days, and low and behold... I found several things I needed to cut. Ex) A few magazine subscriptions from a LONG time ago... wow.

2. My eyelash extension membership. I know this sounds so vain to have a membership for lashes, but it made sense at the time to have one for refills whenever I wanted. I'm done with it.. it has become more of a pain in the butt to make the time (that doesn't exist) to make an appointment to go over there and sit there for an hour for a refill.... it's hard enough to try and squeeze in time to get my nails done! Instead, I've invested in a good lash serum that I found on Amazon with a good 6k reviews. I can't wait to see the results and let you know if this stuff is worth it. It was only $29!

3. I just cancelled my Mister Car Wash membership. The weather in Houston (TX in general) is crazy, so Kirk and I both got unlimited car wash passes. He uses his EVERYDAY while I hardly have the time to make it over to a location because I am usually driving all over the place for cases. It just doesn't make sense for me. And besides, I enjoy a little sun tan time washing my own car in the driveway..bring on the summer already!

4. If you're like me you probably have a hefty school loan debt...if you don't I'm super jealous. I have quite a bit to pay off  and I am so sick of the ridiculous interest rates! I am researching information on getting my loans refinanced through SoFi. If you have used them before please let me know about your experience!

5. My company is sending us fleet vehicles for work now, so unfortunately, I have to sell my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee...I love that thing! However, it will save me in the long run. I pay almost $750 a month on a car payment. Is that not ridiculous?! Sometimes I wonder what went on in my brain to think that was ok.. That's $750 back in my pocket. If you travel for work ask about benefits and incentives they may be able to provide you if you're driving your own car! Sometimes companies give you an allowance each month.

6. I've created a daily budget for myself for meals and snacks when I'm out in the field. I'm really going to cut back on my Starbucks runs. Is it really that good of coffee?? Sure, I suppose..but if you spend the $$$ for a Venti Latte everyday it really starts to add up. Personally, I love carrying my cute mugs around with my own brew from home. I also suggest you try a McDonald's latte-don't laugh they're actually really good! I get a reg latte with NO flavor (I don't like it too sweet) and it's at LEAST half the price as Starbucks (and I think it tastes great!). A win win for a girl on the go who's also on a budget....and caffeine addicted.


7. I've been using my makeup to the last drop. Too many times I would see my contour pallets almost gone and jump to go buy my refill. I wanted to see how long this one would last if I didn't refill right away.. It has lasted me another 4 months AND GOING. I'm also using  up all the makeup in my drawer I have left on the back burner. There are a lot of samples and minis that are just going to get thrown away if I don't use them now. I found a few new favs!

8. I have recently been super focused on selling my artwork. I didn't even bother for years because 1) I didn't have the time to invest in promoting them 2) I didn't think they were that great 3) It was just a fun hobby

Now, I'm taking orders, gaining clients,  and really enjoying painting and making people happy! It also helps to have a little extra income from it. If you have a hobby think about getting on Etsy! It never hurts to try and sell your creations because you never know what can turn up from it!

9. I am paying more attention to my grocery shopping. Usually, I just go in with a list and buy up things I think we need along with what we actually need. I'm a distracted shopper I guess. I also didn't really pay attention to the cost of products..if we need laundry soap then there it is, and if it smells good then into the cart it goes... Instead, we have been ordering online comparing prices in the store. HEB has a curbside pick up where we grab our order once it's ready. A lot of grocery stores are doing this now and I hear even Amazon is getting in on it. We have brought our usual grocery bill of around $150-200 down to $80-$90.... INSANE.


10. Overall... I really have to have some self control and ask myself, "do I really need this and/or, can I find it somewhere else for a better $$$?" Doing a little more research before throwing down the cash will definitely help! I'm going to keep a log of what I spend on the avg month before the purge, and make a comparison after. Let's see how much I can save!

Have a great weekend!!

Love, B



Mother Hustler


Hey all you Mother Hustlers!  I see how crazy the juggle is with balancing work, motherhood, and being a wife. It is honestly exactly what I thought it was going to be like.

I went to San Diego last week for training for 5 days and I have to say it was the longest, most daunting, 5 days ever. I tried so hard not to look at the clock and just focus, but it was really tough. With a daily schedule from 7am-7pm, quizzes, learning new technology, tests, etc, I was starting to get really overwhelmed. My normal workdays can get crazy too. Cases can last several hours, I have a number to hit every quarter, and I need '15% more here to make that focus bucket'! By the way, I need to pick up the dry cleaning, pay the nanny, and make dinner. Everyday brings on a new list of shit to do that seems to try and get in the way of kissing my baby. Basically... my thoughts about working while mommy-ing were validated. IT IS SO HARD.

Sometimes you sit there and wonder, "Am I doing the right thing? Do I need to be home for him? Is he going to get all he needs with me being gone everyday?" Fisher is getting to that age where he recognizes when I leave, when I come back, and gets upset about it (which totally breaks my heart). These worries are amplified when I get questions like, "Are you going to continue working? Will you be home with him?" (I get these often). This really got me thinking about my current situation and here is how it is..

 I know I am doing the right thing for my family and for Fisher. It can obviously be hard sometimes, but I am enjoying my career and want to see where that takes me because where my career takes me also takes my family. Also, my job is one of my outside focuses. I take on multiple hobbies, but my job is something I can count on to keep me busy, keep me sharp, and pay me nicely and consistently. I am a part of a company that is doing amazing things for patients, and I am proud to work there. 

I grew up in a more traditional household (my mom was an amazing stay at home mom), but I have a degree I worked my butt off for, and I'm not saying I have to work because I need to make all that hard work worth achieving. I'm saying, I work because I want to and love it, and even if I did one day decide to become a stay at home mom that would be completely okay too. That is a JOB in itself.  I would have my degree in my back pocket for chances of re-entering the work force later.

Point is.. we all have different reasons for mommy-ing how we do. We make those decisions based on what is right for our kids and our families. Don't let people judge you for how you decide to be there for your kids. For myself, I am a working mom. It's hard sometimes to balance a career, run a home, and be a wife. There's chaos, emotions flying, dirty dishes, 1000 emails, and messy bathrooms, but at the end of the day (or week LOL) everything gets cleaned up, and I love it all. I make sure and end my day by 530. Phone goes off- and it's family/baby time. Gotta make it work!

So, to all my mother hustlers out there (stay at homes & working mamas) keep your chin up and be proud of yourselves! After all, we are the CEO's of our households!

 Love, B

Call Me Mary Poppins

Tote Savvy

Tote Savvy


I've linked Tote Savvy here! See the Shop my Look below for all my accessories!

Well, I meant to post this Wednesday, but it was late in the afternoon by the time I got back into town from our meeting in Fredericksburg, and all I wanted to do was snuggle my baby boy!!

I wanted to show you some helpful things I keep in my purse! I am constantly on the go and like all you busy mamas we literally throw stuff in our purses, and jet out the door! I have so many bags I am constantly rotating out. My backpack for work, my purse, diaper bag...it can get crazy. Lately, I have been using my large GM Neverfull as my everyday purse. I love having a large bag to have EVERYTHING I could possibly need while out and about. I've always loved big bags.. Call me Mary Poppins LOL.

When I'm on the go with baby in tow I always insert my Tote Savvy...This thing is freaking amazing!! One of my best friends, Rachel, introduced me to Tote Savvy, and I haven't looked back. It is such a genius concept. Any tote bag/purse can easily turn into a diaper bag! There are a ton of pockets for every single thing you would need for baby. Diapers, meds, wipes, my diaper baggies, and even my car keys clip onto the little hook attached. No need to dig for those (because somehow those always find their way to the bottom of the bag). It even comes with a diaper changing pad, and its all in red that matches the interior of my purse. Tote Savvy comes in various other colors as well.

When I'm out running errands I always have some nuts, pistachios, or granola bars with me. I am always hungry, and sometimes a girl just needs to snack in her car (you should see my car console..its like a pantry). My cases are also vary in time. Sometimes they run past lunch and the granola bars SAVE MY LIFE.

As far as beauty products go I always have a mini dry shampoo bottle. My hair gets oily fast and since I don't believe in washing your hair EVERY single day (more like every 2), I keep this baby in the purse. I LOVE dry shampoo and it has kept my hair looking great! I also keep a tube of nude lip stain on hand. Nude looks good on everyone and even on days when I don't have makeup on I ALWAYS have nude lipstick and mascara. I also like to keep a little blush sometimes in the mix too. Rice paper is also in the bag, although, I haven't had to use it much since I switched foundations! I keep bobbi pins and my FAV hair tie (which actually looks like a car key ring). It keeps your hair up WITHOUT creasing it! I'm constantly having to put my hair up in a scrub cap at work, so this is super helpful!

Of course, the usual items are also in there..gum.. I keep an extra phone charger.. You NEVER know where you could be when you need to re-up. Hand sanitizer, Motrin, allergy meds...

Well, that about sums it up! What do you keep in your bag that keeps you sane on the daily?! I have some room to add a little more!

Have a great day!


Shop My Look


flower crown.JPG

Hello Everyone!

I announced on IG that I will now be selling my paintings and floral crowns on Etsy! Right now my painting inventory is fresh out, but I am currently working on a new collection that I think you'll LOVE, and will announce when paintings start becoming available! Let me know if you have any special requests, suggestions, or have any questions!

Visit my shop at BritnyRobinsonCo on Etsy for more details!

I'm so excited to work with you!