Newborn Shoot

I don't know about ya'll, but I have like 1246198276847687234 pictures of my son in my phone.. I still don't know how my storage is holding them all!

Anyway, it's nice to have some professionally taken. I think ours turned out amazing-although, I may be a little biased! Fisher was about a week and a half old when we got his taken. He has changed so much since the shoot-it's insane!! He also did pretty well during the whole thing besides pooping and peeing all over the photographer's props.. All I could think to myself as I rushed over and helped wipe up was, "surely this happens all the time".. LOL. It does.

Obviously, I think it is so worth it to invest in photos of your newborn. I just got the canvas prints and leather bound album back, and am in LOVE with how it all turned out! If you're on the fence about it-just do it! It is so worth every penny. But, there are a few things to prepare for in advance:

1) Make sure your baby stays awake as long as possible prior to the shoot. I know this seems impossible since they tend to sleep ALL the time, but it really helps to position them when they are really knocked out. I even fed him once we got there to really put him down!

2) It is going to be pretty warm in there. The studio needs to be warm to make sure your little nugget is comfy and stays asleep... especially for those super cute nakie shots.. So, bring some water for yourself, mama.

3)It is going to take a while. I think this really depends on how well your baby stays asleep. Our shoot took about 3 hours.. He got up a few times, but pretty much stayed in dreamland. Babies move and stretch during this whole process. I mean, some of these positions they get put in look super complicated! These photographers have the patience of saints I swear!

4) Prepare for the worst..meaning, that cute outfit you ordered for the shoot?? There is a high probability it will be pooped and peed on. There is a lot of nakie baby and not a lot of diaper action, and when baby has to go, baby is going to go.. all over the place.

All in all, it is a ton of fun getting to watch this all happen! Being behind the scenes watching your little baby look adorable in every shot makes you feel like one proud mama!

Click the pictures below to view some of the gallery!